Dive in Queensland

    Just another day at the office!

    HMS Pandora Far Northern, Australia

    HMS Pandora was a 24-gun frigate of the Royal Navy, built by Adams and Barnard at Deptford, and launched on 17 May 1779. She was deployed in North American waters during the American Revolutionary War but was put 'in ordinary' (mothballed) after 1783.When the news of the mutiny on the Bounty reached…

    HMAS Brisbane Sunshine Coast, Australia

    "The second HMAS Brisbane (D-41) was a Perth class guided missile destroyer laid down by the Defoe Shipbuilding Company at Bay City, Michigan, USA, on 15 February 1965, launched on 5 May 1966, and commissioned on 16 December 1967. She was christened by the wife of the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, who…

    Saxon reef - Twin Peaks Cairns, Australia

    Nice sandy lagoon with boomies. Great marine life. Small caves, turtles, reef sharks.
    Giant Manta

    North Bommie Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Named after the large bommie her, North bommie is swarming with glass and cardinal fish trying to escape the many coral trout, coral cod and barramundi cod. It is a major cleaning station and you can see giant manta rays and turtles getting cleaned. there are two scorpion fish that live here,…

    SS Yongala Townsville, Australia

    SS Yongala was a steel passenger and freight steamer, owned by the Adelaide Steamship Company. SS Yongala and her sistership, Grantala, were built in Newcastle upon Tyne, England between 1903 - 1904 Yongala was named after the town Yongala, in South Australia.En route from Melbourne to Cairns on the…

    Castles Queensland, Australia

    South Horne Queensland, Australia

    Tawny Nurse Shark

    Tregrosse Reefs Queensland, Australia

    Turtles and Tawny Nurse Sharks.

    Wistari Reef - Three Rocks Queensland, Australia

    Three Rocks is a little sandy bay (7-20m)

    Barracuda Pass Cairns, Australia

    Broken Patches Cairns, Australia

    Challenger Bay Cairns, Australia

    Potato Cod

    Cod Hole Cairns, Australia

    14°39.920S 145°37.500E. North end of Ribbon Reef 'Personal experiences from Peter Stone, author “Diving Australia”''What an experience, my first visit to the famous Cod Hole ''We could see the huge Potatoe Cod lazily cruising near the bottom.Although we were on the inside of the…

    Crystal Cascades Cairns, Australia

    Diane Bank Cairns, Australia

    Turtles, Sharks, Rays...

    Escape Reef Cairns, Australia

    Flora Reef Cairns, Australia

    Great wall with caves
    Clown Fish

    Flynn Reef - Coral Garden Cairns, Australia

    Giant Clam

    Flynn Reef - Gordon's mooring Cairns, Australia

    Gordon's Mooring has some great swim-throughs and overhangs amongst the variety of smaller bommies. It is very popular with photographers as it boasts a wide range of corals and marine life with plenty of sunlight. Deeper areas of the site provide a stunning blue backdrop for photos. Highlights…

    Flynn Reef - Three Sisters Cairns, Australia

    Lovely dive. White-tip sharks and great drop-off.

    Flynn Reef - Tracey's Bommie Cairns, Australia

    Reef sharks, eagle rays... very nice dive.

    Green Island - New York Cairns, Australia

    Hastings Reef Cairns, Australia

    Herald Cays Cairns, Australia

    Great corals with Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks

    Holmes Reef Cairns, Australia

    Low Isles Cairns, Australia

    Magdelaine Cays Cairns, Australia


    Michaelmas Reef Cairns, Australia

    Flat worm

    Milln Reef - Petaj Cairns, Australia

    Home to resident sea turtles and white tipped reef sharks, Petaj is an exciting site with some great swim-throughs. The wall of the main 'bommie' is an excellent place to search for tiny, yet colourful nudibranchs - a delight for photographers

    Milln Reef - Rainbow Cairns, Australia

    Reef Shark

    Milln Reef - Swimming Pools 1 Cairns, Australia

    A relaxing dive suitable for beginners and intermediate divers, popular for its abundance of fish life in the shallows. A dive amongst the coral outcrops and small 'bommies' over a sandy seabed. Average dive depth is about 10 metres. This is an excellent night dive location with sleeping turtles and…
    Green Turtle

    Milln Reef - The Whale Cairns, Australia

    Large isolated bommie. Reef sharks, turtles...

    Moore Reef Cairns, Australia

    This is a large reef rich with life. It offers sheltered coral gardens. Operators work mainly in the back reef area, and all have similar dives.

    Norman Reef - Bobs Bommie Cairns, Australia

    Nice reef with sharks and turtles.

    Norman Reef - Caves Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Clipper Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Plate Top Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Pontoon Cairns, Australia

    Training dive site; mainly for Intro divers and snorkelling.Awesome huge Humpheaded Maori Wrasse called Wally - very friendly & loves divers!!!

    Norman Reef - Troppo's Cairns, Australia

    Norman Reef - Turtle Bay Cairns, Australia


    North Horn Cairns, Australia

    White tip reef sharks, silvertip and grey reef shark, potato cod, morays

    North Wall Cairns, Australia

    Grey Reef Sharks, barracuda

    Pellowe Reef - Cucumber Alley Cairns, Australia

    Small isolated reef; great wall; pelagics.

    Pixie Gardens Cairns, Australia

    Pixie Pinnacle Cairns, Australia

    large coral bommie with lot of hard and soft corals.

    Predators Playgound Cairns, Australia

    A true shark dive: Grey Sharks, Whitetip reef Sharks, Tiger Sharks and even Hammerhead Sharks.

    Rock Arch Cairns, Australia

    Great wall with gorgonians, sea whips... There are numerous caves into the wall.

    Saxon reef - Coral Garden Cairns, Australia

    Steves Bommie Cairns, Australia

    Sudburry East Wall Cairns, Australia

    Swimming pools Cairns, Australia

    A relaxing dive suitable for beginners and intermediate divers, popular for its abundance of fish life in the shallows. A dive amongst the coral outcrops and small 'bommies' over a sandy seabed. Average dive depth is about 10 metres. This is an excellent night dive location with sleeping turtles and…

    Temple of Doom Cairns, Australia

    A 30m in diameter pinnacle with barracudas, rays and sharks.

    The Abyss Cairns, Australia

    Fantastic wall dive.

    Thetford Reef - Cathedrals Cairns, Australia

    This reef offers deep canyons as well as bommies: almost 2km long reef with scattered coral heads. Between the bommies sandy floors are covered with smaller coral patches. Take a long safety sausage as its easy to become disorientated.

    Willies Islets Cairns, Australia

    Wonderland Cairns, Australia

    very nice drop-off with a lot of gorgonians.

    Milln Reef -Three sisters Cairns, Australia

    Three Sisters are a series of three large bommies lined up at the back of MillnReef. The deepest rises about 33m off the sand and within a metre of the surface. If there's a current start your first dive on the deepest bommie, see a giant school of fusiliers, various snapper and chub. As you go down…
    clown fish

    Osprey Reef Cairns, Australia

    Osprey Reef is frequently visited by long range dive boats out of Cairns and is one of the most interesting of the Coral Sea Reefs. The 27km by 4m atoll shaped reef lies 140km east of Lizard Island and 115km east of the Great Barrier Reef. The depth surrounding the reef is around 2000m. The reef top…

    Lady Bowen Wreck Cairns, Australia

    The ultimate Great Barrier Reef scuba dive adventure - the Lady Bowen Wreck is a 220ft schooner now over 100 years old. A converted paddle steamer, she hit reef approximately 30 miles from where she eventually sank, no casualties.The Lady Bowen now rests is 34 metres and has become a reef in itself…

    Bligh Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Great wall with small caves, nice coral gardens

    Cathedral Wall Far Northern, Australia

    Eagle Rays, Mantas, Grey Reef Sharks...

    Manta Wall Far Northern, Australia

    Drift dive along the wall: Grey and Whitetip reef sharks, Mantas...

    Mantis Reef - Martin`s Mecca Far Northern, Australia

    Good pinnacles covered with hard corals.

    Mantis Reef - North Wall Far Northern, Australia

    Grey and Whitetip Sharks and Manta Rays.

    Mantis Reef - Rainbow Wall Far Northern, Australia

    Good place to meet pelagics and reef sharks

    Mobula Wall Far Northern, Australia

    Good drift dive

    Northern Small Detached Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Grey and Whitetip Reef Sharks.

    Raine Island Far Northern, Australia

    Raine Island hosts a large number of Green Turtles. You may see the Tiger Sharks if you're lucky :)

    Ribbon Reef #10 - Cod Hole Far Northern, Australia

    This dive site is well known for its large potato cods (6-30 kg !). They are feed and so very friendly ;-)

    Ribbon Reef #10 - Pixies… Far Northern, Australia

    Pixies Pinnacle is a great dive site for photographers. A large coral bommie with small caves. One of the best spot of the GBR ever !

    Shark City Far Northern, Australia

    The place to meet dozens of sharks: Whitetip, Silvertip, Grey reef sharks...

    Southern Small Detached Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Fantastic wall ! Eagle Rays, Mantas, Leopard Sharks...

    Star Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Stead Passage Far Northern, Australia

    A large pinnacle with barracuda, sharks...

    The Quetta Wreck Far Northern, Australia

    RMS Quetta was a 116 m long passenger liner. She sunk in 1890 and now lies on her port side.

    Tijou Reef Far Northern, Australia

    Boat Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Cruise along a huge wall, before you arrive at the end. Wait there for a bit to watch the Eagle Rays come in and just hover out off the wall a bit in the open. Awesome dive, but careful against the current back to the mooring line

    Bullrock Beach Southern Queensland, Australia


    Flat Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Many different sites around Flat Rock & Little Flat Rock, usually catering for most experience levels.

    Manta Ray Bommie Southern Queensland, Australia

    Done as a ferry and bus trip to North Stradbroke Island, and dived from a small boat. This is the place to go if you missed seeing a manta at Flinders. Shallow dives to 10 metres with mantas (in the summer months) Leopard sharks and shovel-nosed rays. Very weather dependent dive site.Manta season…

    Mudjimba Island Southern Queensland, Australia

    One of the richest undersea dives in Queensland!

    Murphy's Reef Southern Queensland, Australia

    One of the best dive site of the area.

    North East Wall - Gold Coast… Southern Queensland, Australia

    Point Cartwright Southern Queensland, Australia

    Poor condictions but great for beginers of with the kids snorkling. Only if there is no surf!!

    Sand Pipe - Gold Coast Seaway Southern Queensland, Australia

    Shag Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Wobbiegong Sharks, turtles, octopus, tropical fish, sea slugs etc.

    South-West Wall - Gold Coast… Southern Queensland, Australia

    Muck dive area with interesting sea life.

    The Pin Southern Queensland, Australia

    Lots of fish, turtles, and nudibranchs!

    Underwater World Southern Queensland, Australia

    Wave Break Island - Gold Coast… Southern Queensland, Australia

    Dive first Seagrass Bed and go to the Canyon.

    Wolf Rock Southern Queensland, Australia

    Oct-Feb is the best time to see Gray Nurse Sharks, being the mating season (30+ sharks).During the summer months you can see 50+ gray nurse sharks on a single dive.You will spend most of your time on the bottom (30+meters) with the sharks at only arms length away.Lots of BIG stuff to see as well;…

    Yaroomba reef Southern Queensland, Australia

    dont go out if big waves r breaking because rouge wave will get on the dry roks

    Cochrane Artificial Reef Southern Queensland, Australia

    The reef site is 2.5 nautical miles off the coast and is 800 metres by 400 metres in size. New fish attracting devices are being located there regularly.This is a blue water dive, it's 50 metre long, 350 tonne dredge.You an find two Mohawk Aircraft, and a Beechcraft Aircraft, and many other…

    Abington Reef Townsville, Australia

    wall & cave diving

    Anzac Reef Townsville, Australia

    Several reefs with coral gardens, wallas, sharks, turtles...

    Bowl Reef Townsville, Australia

    Eagle Rays and reef sharks.

    Chicken Reef Townsville, Australia

    Chilcot Islet Townsville, Australia

    Dart Reef Townsville, Australia

    Davies Reef Townsville, Australia

    Diamond Islets Townsville, Australia

    Several islets and pinnacles. Eagle Rays, stingrays and turtles are often seen.

    Gothenburg Wreck Townsville, Australia

    Gothenburg Wreck is a 60m steel steamer. It sank in 1875.

    Herald Surprise Townsville, Australia

    Keeper Reef Townsville, Australia

    Enjoy diving or snorkeling on some of the most pristine reefs within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Visit Keeper Reef, northeast of Townsville and explore the myriad of gullies and caves that this reef is famous for. Keeper Reef is an ideal location for certified divers, the novice diver or…

    Kelso Reef Townsville, Australia

    Great corlas & Snorkelling.

    Lithou Reefs Townsville, Australia

    Reef Sharks, Green Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays...

    Little Broadhurst Reef Townsville, Australia

    Myrmidon Reef Townsville, Australia

    Fantastic coral garden with great sealife.

    Scuba Zoo Townsville, Australia

    A true shark dive: A lot of Whitetip Reef sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and Silvertip Reef Sharks.

    Shrimp Reef Townsville, Australia

    Great coral garden with Whitetip Reef Sharks

    Watanabe Bommie Townsville, Australia

    Giant bommies with great corals. Shoals of barracudas, Grey Reef Sharks...

    Knuckle Reef Whitsunday Islands, Australia


    Mantaray bay Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    Mantaray Bay is located at the northern most tip of Hook Island and is in a 'No Fishing one'. The end result is that this section of Hook Island has spectacular corals and fish life. Visibility is often exceptional and it's a very popular snorkel site and occasional dive site for those that make the…

    Ship Wreck Bay Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    The Cathedral Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    great dive located just inside the well known stepping stones. it has a huge (cathedral) opening which narrows slowly as you enter, which leads to a small network of tunnels.

    The Chimney Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    A very dificult dive not for the faint hearted..it starts in a shallow 6ft of water with waves often crashing over the surface, so timing is essential. at first you must fight the strong currents till you reach the opening of the chimney shute. Then the current tends to push you down through the…

    Bird Island & Langford Reef Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    Bird Island & Langford Reef is located between Hayman and Hook Islands. With protection from traditional swell, it makes for an idealic anchorage for day time and overnight. At the right tides, the beach spit that arrives from under the water is pristine for a day time walk and the surrounding…

    Cataran Bay- Border Island Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    Cataran Bay is a North facing bay on the small outer island of the appropriately named Border Island. An outer island of the Whitsunday island group, Border Island is a frequently used stop over on the way to or from Whitehaven Beach. Its a fully protected Green Zone, which has made the vast variety…

    The Gardens Whitsunday Islands, Australia

    Easy, shallow dive with reasonable coral cover on a gently descending slope with silty sand patches. Coral cover dominated by large plate corals. Plenty of small friendly reef fish looking for a handout. Occasionally, large pelagic fishes will cruise through. Excellent protection in all wind…

    China Wall Brisbane, Australia

    This is a more advanced dive due to the depth at the base of China Wall,although divers will still have a very enjoyable dive in the shallowerparts. The outstanding feature is a tall vertical granite outcrop with a2 metre wide swim-through at the top. The general terrain is coveredwith a thick layer…

    Curtin Wrecks Brisbane, Australia

    Sheltered inside Moreton Island this fascinating dive site now comprisesover 30 wrecks ranging from barges, yachts, tugs, pontoons and ferriesright through to an old Brisbane tram. These have all been sunk since1968 to now form a huge artificial reef which is the adopted home forsome absolutely huge…

    Comboyuro Drop off Brisbane, Australia

    A succession of large boulders, sheer walls, ledges and shallow caves can be found on this excellent drift dive site. This is an adventurous 'what's next' type of dive that usually provides an element of the unexpected - sharks, rays, big fish, turtles or sometimes a dugong.

    Henderson's Rock Brisbane, Australia

    A relatively unexplored granite outcrop with large caves, and overhangs and carpeted with 1 metre strands of golden coloured kelp. This is one of our furthest dive sites and due to its exposed location it is rarely dived during the summer south easterlies. Brilliant for underwater photography (wide…

    Spot X Brisbane, Australia

    East of Flinders Reef is a huge granite outcrop from about 16mdown to 30m. Features red soft corals, black coral, fans andcrayfish.

    Agincourt Reef Port Douglas, Australia

    Agincourt Reef is a series of many smaller reefs. It has at least 16 different dive sites including; Point Break, Three Sisters, Horseshoe Reef and the Fish Bowl. Range of dives incl. wall, drift, etc.Pieces of a Taiwanese wreck are featured at The Wreck; Giant clams and Maori wrasse appear at all…
    A parrotfish shot

    Agincourt Reef - Nursery… Port Douglas, Australia

    Abbundance of life on the pinnacle. Usually circling are some of the large fish including trevalley, barracuda and a few pelagics. Closer to the bommie you will fins loads of yellow lined snapper, anthea's, chromis etc as well as sweet-lips and numerous lion fish. Towards the top of the bommie you…

    Blue Pools Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    The Blue pools are part of what is like a natural swimming pool, which gives and easy and relaxing dive.Great fish life, with angelfish being very common - the opportunitis for photography are excellent; also batfish, lionfish, gropers and coral trout.Wind and waves formed channels and gutters where…

    Fifth Point Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    pristine coral
    Blue Grouper

    Pams Point Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Manta Ray dive and big blue grouper. This is common to drift from Pams Point to Heron Bommie
    Dragon Moray

    Libbie's Lair Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Beautiful dive on far north side of Heron Reef with a number of Porites pinnacles. Shallow dive with mild current and home to a wide variety of trigger fish, coral trout and large red emporers. You will find yourself wandering Dive through a maze of small bommies, peeking in holes often occupied…
    Flat worm

    Coral Cascades Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    A macro photographer's dream dive large bommies scatter the sandy bottom providing shelter for numerous nudibranchs, flatworms and shrimp. Rays including cowtail, whiptail and blue spotted enjoy resting on the sand while being cleaned by the cleaner wrasse. Yellowtail and black-tip Fusiliers enjoy…

    Shark Ledge Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    A site for all levels, the mooring lies in 12m of water on beautiful white sand. Gutters near the mooring lead to a small wall teaming with sea life. Shoals of silver drummer, red bass and fusiliers swim together in the shallows. Large anemones along the wall provide some great photo opportunities…
    Flat worm

    Tenements Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Heading down the mooring to around 15m, Tenements lies hidden behind a 12m coral plateau. Large flat bommies are a great place to look for nudibranchs and as you come to the corner of the plateau at around 18m, shoals of fish gather and feed on the nutrients of the incoming tide. The wall provides a…

    Tenements 2 Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    This horseshoe-shaped shelf is draped with schools of Black-Tipped Fusilier Drummer and Yellowtail. 
    Coral Cod

    Ned's Bommie Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    One of Heron’s shallower dive sites. The dive starts in about 12 meters of where there is a large bommie that is riddled with glass fish and their predators, coral trout and coral cod. A great spot for morays, nudibranchs and scorpion fish, this bommie also provides a good resting place for…

    Hole in the Wall Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Swimming out to “Paradise Bommie” you often get strong currents on this site that attract manta and eagle rays. An abundance of marine life lives on and close to the bommie. There are rare species of nudibranchs, as well as moray eels, and you often see reef sharks and stingrays. When you drift…

    Coral Grotto Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    A playground for all divers. You can dive in zig-zag along a beautiful coral wall swimming through gutters. Wobbegong sharks as well as the rare epaulette shark tend to hide under a ledge. White-tipped sharks patrol this area and turtles come to rest and feed here on a daily basis. Keep your eyes…

    Plate Ledge Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Quite a large dive site with many exciting gutters and channels to explore, this area of the reef has a gradual slope that is relatively shallow, bottoming out at 16meters. Several scattered coral formations but generally rocky in character, Plate Ledge is home to some of the most spectacular…

    Gorgonia Hole Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    A shallow dive, good for the afternoons. On a low tideit is not uncommon to see turtles hiding among the cracks and crevices. Lots of holes to stick your head in, and lots of interesting creatures to find. Expect to see painted crayfish, green loggerhead and hawksbill (if you're lucky) turtles and…

    The Junction Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    A shallow site with scattered and broken bommies that give fish and sharks plenty of places to hide and you plenty of places to explore. The currents around this site attract manta rays that will feed on the surface only a meter or two above your head. There is also large plate, boulder and…

    Pam's Point Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Dropping down the mooring line you will be surrounded by colorful reef fish. A big field of staghorn coral will lead you to a bommie with healthy corals. On and around the bommie you are likely to see batfish, white-tipped sharks, nudibranchs and the usual reef fish. Going with the current you have…

    Heron Bommie Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Heron Island’s signature dive site. The site consists of six large coral heads that start in 5 meters of water and dot down the reef slope to 18 meters. This is a major cleaning station for all the animals in the area, including the majestic mantas and eagle rays to clouds of colorful damsels and…

    Heron Harbour Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Not many think the harbour could be a good dive, and they are wrong. Even though shallow, the jetty structure attracts an amazing amount of life. The resident school of bigeye trevally is regularly joined by black-tipped reef sharks, eagle rays, shovel-nosed rays and “Gus,” a fully grown…

    Bylund's Pass or Viv's Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Just out of the entrance to the Heron Harbour, this site is known for the amazing amount of hard corals that coat the reef slope. It is a good idea to keep your eyes out into the blue on this dive as there are usually a large number of great barracuda lurking out there. There are lots of smaller…

    Coral Gardens Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    As the name suggests, this entire dive site is covered in hard and soft corals of all different types. This is a nice shallow dive usually done in the afternoons. There are many different types of crustaceans hiding in the corals. And perched in the higher branches for those with a keen eye are…

    Staghorn Banks Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    Located between coral gardens and canyons there is a densely packed section of various species of Staghorn (acropora) corals.  One of the most sheltered areas of heron reef with a spectacular diversity in colour and types of different coral, a great spot for finding mollusks, gastropods and…

    Coral Canyons Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    This site consists of a series of shallow canyons cutting into the edge of the reef that are filled with fish, turtles and sharks. Along the ridges between the canyons, you will often see groups of big fin reef squid vertically stacked in the water column, rippling with changing colours as you swim…

    Harry's Bommie Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    There is one large bommie that marks the start of this dive. There is always something interesting to see around this bommie. Whether it’s a giant starry puffer fish, a tawny nurse shark or a brightly coloured nudibranch, it sets the scene for a beautiful dive. Swimming over forests of hard corals…

    Southpark Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    As the name suggests, this site is the southern-most point of Heron Reef. The hard coral here is amazing in variation and health. In one area you can see 20 different kinds of healthy, growing hard corals and all the fish that live among them. Keep your eyes peeled for scorpion fish and mantis…

    Twin Peaks Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    This is rarely dived and is stunning. The mooring sits in 10m right next to two massive bommies that form the twin peaks. These bommies are the only sizable feature in the area and as a result, there are all sorts of creatures both big and small on show for you. You can dive this site on either an…

    3 Rocks Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    One of the drains for Wistari reef, named so because of the 3 large bommies that are spread down a steep sandy slope. This is a very good drift dive when the current is running around to the old jetty. Lots of pelagics, nudibranchs, hard corals and if you're lucky, an olive sea snake coming up to…

    Wistari 1 Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    The mooring for this site is in 18 meters of water on the Wistari Wall. A very steep wall that flattens off at 25 meters, you never know what might swim past you in the blue. The top of the wall is capped with very healthy branching corals and teems with all sorts of fish life. Lots of nudibranchs,…

    Wistari 2 Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    This is a good deep dive best done on an incoming tide. The mooring sits in 24 meters of water at the bottom of the Wistari wall. Looking back up the wall towards the surface rewards you a view of schooling fish, turtles, sharks and don’t forget to look out into the blue for pelagics and big bull…

    Turtle Gully Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    An incoming tide will provide the best visibility at this site. A large gully leads out to beautiful coral wall full of biodiversity. Just past the gully there a few scattered bommies at 18 meters. The wall is best observed from 8 to 14 meters. There are schooling unicorn fish, many spotted…

    Cliffs Heron and Wilson Islands, Australia

    This site is only dove at a handful of times during the year. Being on the ocean side of Wistari Reef, it is a rare day when the weather is good enough to get around and dive this special place. Because there is no mooring out here, you will do a free descent down to about 6 or 7 meters and then…

    Blue Pearl Bay Hayman Island, Australia

    Blue Pearl Bay is one of the more frequently used dive locations in the Whitsundays. Located on the North West corner of Hayman Island, its protected from the frequent South East Winds. Located at the North of the island group means that it receives cleaner water "first" on the incoming tides, for…

    Dolphin Point Hayman Island, Australia

    An unusual dive amongst house-sized rock slabs making for great exploration. Large coral bommies at 5-15 metres add to the diversity of the dive. Excellent large fish life for island diving, including trevally, mackerel, barracuda and the odd shark. This is a relatively deep dive with potential…

    East Reef Hayman Island, Australia

    A very pretty shallow dive site. The shallow coral cover is dominated by large plates, creating numerous small canyons and ledges which make for interesting exploration. Plenty of small, friendly reef fish. Access to this site is difficult due to its exposure to wind from every direction and to…

    Gary's Lagoon Hamilton Island, Australia

    Gary's Lagoon is well protected, making it a great site for snorkellers and beginner divers. The coral cover is excellent and the lagoon makes for easy diving before venturing into deeper water just outside the entrance. The lagoon is home to all sorts of tropical marine life including large soft…

    The Stepping Stones Hamilton Island, Australia

    Stepping Stones, off Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, is aseries of 18 or more flat-topped coral pinnacles forming "steppingstones" with many interesting channels and caves to explore. Large areasof plate coral with fields of blue staghorn, schools of Batfish, GiantMaori wrasse, moray…

    Bait Reef Hamilton Island, Australia

    Bait Reef is located on the Outer Great Barrier Reef near the Whitsunday Island Chain. It is one of the most pristine scuba diving locations in the world and benefits from protection under the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. A perfect site for photography because of the depth and variety of aquatic…

    Bait Reef- Manta Ray Drop Off Hamilton Island, Australia

    Manta Ray Drop Off, in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef, boastsspectacular underwater cliffs and a plunging wall that drops off to 30metres. The wall is covered with gorgonians, soft coral trees, spongesand sea whips. The Manta Ray Drop Off site is great forsnorkelling as well as diving.…

    Vaughan's Point Daydream Island, Australia

    Weather dependent but a nice dive with the possibility to see rays and turtles

    Lover's Cove Daydream Island, Australia

    Weather dependent but a nice dive with the possibility to see rays and turtles

    Staff Jetty Daydream Island, Australia

    Weather dependent but a nice dive with the possibility to see rays and turtles

    Butterfly Bay Hook Island, Australia

    Butterfly Bay is one of the most spectacular bays in the Whitsundays. Carving deep into Hook Island, the high hillsides provide a stunning backdrop and safe anchorage.Butterfly Bay is often under-rated as a dive location, while providing an excellent protected stop over for marine craft in the…

    Luncheon Bay Hook Island, Australia

    Luncheon bay is a very popular dive location with overnight charter boats operating in the Whitsundays. There is often great visibility and the coral reefs here are completely protcted ensuring huge quantities of fish life and amazing coral formations.The coral formations at Luncheon bay form many…

    Mackerel bay Hook Island, Australia

    A dive that is better at some times than at others depending upon visibility. This is a popular dive site during northerlies when most of the more popular sites are untenable. A relatively shallow dive through a mace of coral bommies, which form shallow canyons, ledges and swim-throughs. The fish…

    Alcyonaria Point Hook Island, Australia

    Excellent coral and fish life, particularly along the shallow ledge that runs along the point to Flat Rock. Plate corals dominate the shallow water. Ledge drops vertically with wall penetrated by numerous gullies and small caves. Many colourful soft corals at 10 metres, hence the site name. Large…

    Manta Ray Bay Hook Island, Australia

    Hundreds of small damselfishes make this a top island dive. For years divers have hand-fed the fish of Masts Ray Bay which include some not-so-small Maori wrasse. The terrain is diverse with scattered bommies starting at 10-12 metres and reaching up to within 2 metres of the surface. Acropora corals…

    Maureen's Cove Hook Island, Australia

    There are two dive sites here. At the back of the cove off the western side of the beach, a series of bommies starting at 12-15 metres and rising to within 3 metres of the surface, parallel to the shoreline. Gullies and shallow caves make for an interesting dive. Good medium-sized fish life. Along…

    The Pinnacles Hook Island, Australia

    Arguably the best dive site in the Whitsunday islands - certainly the best hard corals which compare favourably to the Great Barrier Reef. The best dive would be off the western beach, adjacent to the Woodpile and swim east at a depth of 7-15 metres. Large coral bommies dominate the terrain,…

    Saba Bay Hook Island, Australia

    As with Mackerel Bay, this is another popular dive site during northerly winds which can be better at some times than others depending upon visibility. The northern end of the bay is studded with numerous small bommies in relatively shallow water, dropping down to 10-15 metres with scattered bommies…

    Stonehaven Anchorage Hook Island, Australia

    This site offers interesting shallow diving with lots of small marine life including damselfishes. Christmas-tree worms and nudibranches. The coral heads are small but diverse. The visibility is very much controlled by the tides, but is best during the reaps.

    The Woodpile Hook Island, Australia

    Rock wall drop-off with scattered deep coral and sandy bottom. The unusual rock formation known as the Woodpile has created the best wall dive in the Whitsunday islands. The wall drops down to nearly 30 metres on the point. Best to start the dive about halfway between the beach and the point. Here…

    Drop Zone Airlie Beach, Australia

    Drop Zone, off Airlie Beach located on the Great Barrier Reef is a drift dive with attitude! Drop into this dive and let the current do its thing. Featuring soft corals, whip corals, staghorn forests and resident turtles. As with all strong currents, keep your eyes peeled for pelagic activity.

    Seaflight Bommie Airlie Beach, Australia

    A majestic coral decorated bommie that sits in the Knuckle Reef Lagoon on Airlie Beach. This site offers you an incredible diversity of corals and marine life to explore including numerous species of clams, hard and soft corals. It also offers excellent underwater landscapes that are great for micro…

    The Aquarium Airlie Beach, Australia

    This site is a beautiful lagoon for all divers to circumnavigate. This lagoon is constantly covered in water allowing access for all forms of marine life. 16 metre depth provides a sandy bottom composition making the dive light, bright and full of life. Large patches of staghorn and lettuce coral…

    The Hangover Airlie Beach, Australia

    A wall dive with exciting terrain to be negotiated by the diver. Larger marine life such as Giant Trevally, Barramundi, Cod and Mackeral to be found in this pelagic area. 

    Wally's Wall Airlie Beach, Australia

    So named due to the population of large male Humpheaded Maori Wrasse located here. These huge fish have been locals for many years and are very comfortable in the presence of divers. Large patches of blue coral gardens. An abundance of marine life both large and small. Huge gardens of pristine…

    Wuggle Fish Wall Airlie Beach, Australia

    An outer wall drop off with a current just off Airlie Beach, the Wuggle Fish Wall is another great drift dive site. The shallow coral garden appears untouched, with an abundance of marine life to see. Turtles and sharks are sighted frequently as well as a variety of pelagic fish.

    Flinders Reef Moreton Island, Australia

    This site is a marine park with no fishing.The Reef is in great condition with only a small part that has been over dived (mooring #1 & 2), But even here there is still a lot to see. This site is great diving for all levels with a little something for every one.Night diving here is up there with…

    Tangalooma Wrecks Moreton Island, Australia

    A shallow dive on partially submerged wrecks. Normally calm but tidalwaters sheltered by Moretone Island. Good fish life, excellent fornovices and snorkellers.

    Smith's Rock Moreton Island, Australia

    Smiths Rock is often frequented by the large species of marine life. Often prone to currents is best dived at slack water. This site has great potential for exploration with caves and swim-throughs which are alive with crayfish. Smith Rock is notorious as a shipping hazard claiming ships as they…

    Aahrus Moreton Island, Australia

    Lying on a sandy bottom, the 640 tonne sailing baroque grounded hard on Smiths Rock three times before sinking in just 12 minutes. The Aahrus is mostly covered by sand with sections still remaining. Large schools of big eyes cover some sections of the remains and often frequented by schools of…

    St Paul Moreton Island, Australia

    A French freighter became the second victim of Smiths Rock. The remains of the boilers greet you as you first approach the remains of the St Paul. Amongst the twisted handrails and superstructure lies hidden treasures of time gone by.

    Hutchison Shoals Moreton Island, Australia

    Surrounded by deep and spectacular drop-offs, caves and ravines, its waters are alive with pelagic fish, whilst the reef has a good cover of tropical growth and smaller marine life. Weather conditions must be almost perfect to dive the shoals.

    Cementco Moreton Island, Australia

    Formerly named the Crusader, lies near the north-eastern tip of Flinders Reef. The wreck has become home to Queensland Groupers and schooling fish are also abundant. The wreck lies upside down with most areas easily accessible. For those with wreck and penetration experience many sections of the…

    Barren & Child Islands Great Keppel Island, Australia

    Seven miles east of Great Keppel Island are Barren & Child Islands. Diving these islands allows us to visit numerous sites ranging from 30m (100ft) off Child, to a very easy but extremely pretty area with depths of 6 - 9m (20 - 30ft) known as One Bum Beach.A drift dive in the passage between and…

    Egg Rock Great Keppel Island, Australia

    Australia's Best Kept Secret!! - Egg Rock a site of world class diving. It is a Marine National Park ''B'' Zone which means that these islands are totally protected. This location is look and photograph only, and of undisturbed beauty, with wall dives to 30m (100ft) on the seaward side.Words just…

    Great Keppel Island Great Keppel Island, Australia

    A well sheltered bay located on the North East point of Great Keppel serves as an excellent site accessible in adverse conditions. Great for such dives as Night Diving and Drift Diving. Big Peninsula has a horse shoe shape beach with golden sands and coral gardens, which is a popular location to…

    Man & Wife Rocks Great Keppel Island, Australia

    Man & Wife located between Outer Rock and Great Keppel Island, features a plateau near the island that is around 6 - 8m (20 - 27ft) in depth. This than drops off to a depth of 18m (60ft) around most of the island. 25m (80ft) is the maximum depth in this area.With good coral in and around 10m…

    Outer Rock Great Keppel Island, Australia

    Located eight miles north east of Great Keppel Island, Outer Rock is a large isolated rock rising up to 20 metres. There are four main area's that we dive. On the northern side is a well sheltered bay which gives protection and excellent diving. To the east, a large rock runs northwards starting at…

    Anchor Bommies Lady Elliot Island, Australia

    Manta Rays!

    Blow Hole Lady Elliot Island, Australia

    A great cavern with two entrances: - One on the top of the reef at 15m, just a short distance from the mooring - The main entrance is on the reef wall at around 20 m

    Coral Gardens Lady Elliot Island, Australia

    Very nice Staghorn and Branching corals.

    Lighthouse Bommie Lady Elliot Island, Australia

    Manta Rays, Moray Eels, Schooling Barracuda, White Tip Reef Sharks...