Butterfly Bay

Hook Island, Whitsunday Islands

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Dive Butterfly Bay

Butterfly Bay is one of the most spectacular bays in the Whitsundays. Carving deep into Hook Island, the high hillsides provide a stunning backdrop and safe anchorage.

Butterfly Bay is often under-rated as a dive location, while providing an excellent protected stop over for marine craft in the typical South East winds. Being a protected location, non-divers can enjoy the vista or other activities.

A long and deepish bay, with high sides, its relatively protected from tidal run, but requires diving in the middle hours of the day for best light, as the sun disappears over the Western ridge earlier than most.

Below the surface of this fully protected marine park is a range of coral, bommies and marine life near as good as any location in the area. The convenience of having the mother ship nearby is a bonus.

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