Cataran Bay- Border Island

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

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Dive Cataran Bay- Border Island

Reef Wall

Cataran Bay is a North facing bay on the small outer island of the appropriately named Border Island. An outer island of the Whitsunday island group, Border Island is a frequently used stop over on the way to or from Whitehaven Beach. Its a fully protected Green Zone, which has made the vast variety of fish life friendly and inquisative about  underwater human visitation. The entire island and the waters surrounding are completely protected for us to enjoy.

While offering excellent Snorkelling to the beginner, the dive opportunity is even more exhilarating. Along the edges of the bay and the outer corners of the bay and island are coral built walls constructed over millions of years. The formations include canyons, caves and overhanging ledges that warrant close investigation. Under many, you will find large fish, Trouts, Cods and other interesting marine life variously disinterested in your attention.

The marine environment here is stunning. The coral shelf has many small "canyons" for you to snorkel and explore while the myriad of colour corals and reef fish surround for a 360 degree experience of the reef. In contrast, the coral shelf drops away nearby to deeper water. The vertical "wall" of coral is another display of colour where more fish gather. Untroubled by man, the local fish are unbundant and inquisitive, so expect to get up close and personal in a serious reef experience.

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