Curtin Wrecks

Brisbane, Queensland

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Dive Curtin Wrecks

Wreck Drift

Sheltered inside Moreton Island this fascinating dive site now comprises over 30 wrecks ranging from barges, yachts, tugs, pontoons and ferries right through to an old Brisbane tram. These have all been sunk since 1968 to now form a huge artificial reef which is the adopted home for some absolutely huge fish.
As well as king fish, kobia, batfish, trevally, sweetlip, red emperor, parrot fish and turrum, divers will find up to 8 giant Queensland grouper over 2 metres long. Best dived on slack water high tide this location can also be an exciting drift dive allowing easy exploration of most wrecks in the group.
Visibility may be poor (2 or 3 metres) but sometimes divers are surprised at being able to see 4 or 5 wrecks at any one time in 20 to 30 metres of visibility.

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