Flinders Reef

Moreton Island, Brisbane

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This site is a marine park with no fishing. The Reef is in great condition with only a small part that has been over dived (mooring #1 & 2), But even here there is still a lot to see. This site is great diving for all levels with a little something for every one. Night diving here is up there with the best, been a safer dive site than some others in the area. On the South side of the reef there are some great swim-throughs. Best time of year to dive Flinders is winter as the Viz and weather conditions are normally better. If the swell and current are up, there is normally a calm side of the reef to hide from rough surface conditions and current,(normally). Current is normally low on the calm side of the rock but can change without notice so have a good recall signal in place. I hope you enjoy Flinders a much as I did.

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