Dive in Airlie Beach

    Drop Zone Airlie Beach, Australia

    Drop Zone, off Airlie Beach located on the Great Barrier Reef is a drift dive with attitude! Drop into this dive and let the current do its thing. Featuring soft corals, whip corals, staghorn forests and resident turtles. As with all strong currents, keep your eyes peeled for pelagic activity.

    Seaflight Bommie Airlie Beach, Australia

    A majestic coral decorated bommie that sits in the Knuckle Reef Lagoon on Airlie Beach. This site offers you an incredible diversity of corals and marine life to explore including numerous species of clams, hard and soft corals. It also offers excellent underwater landscapes that are great for micro…

    The Aquarium Airlie Beach, Australia

    This site is a beautiful lagoon for all divers to circumnavigate. This lagoon is constantly covered in water allowing access for all forms of marine life. 16 metre depth provides a sandy bottom composition making the dive light, bright and full of life. Large patches of staghorn and lettuce coral…

    The Hangover Airlie Beach, Australia

    A wall dive with exciting terrain to be negotiated by the diver. Larger marine life such as Giant Trevally, Barramundi, Cod and Mackeral to be found in this pelagic area. 

    Wally's Wall Airlie Beach, Australia

    So named due to the population of large male Humpheaded Maori Wrasse located here. These huge fish have been locals for many years and are very comfortable in the presence of divers. Large patches of blue coral gardens. An abundance of marine life both large and small. Huge gardens of pristine…

    Wuggle Fish Wall Airlie Beach, Australia

    An outer wall drop off with a current just off Airlie Beach, the Wuggle Fish Wall is another great drift dive site. The shallow coral garden appears untouched, with an abundance of marine life to see. Turtles and sharks are sighted frequently as well as a variety of pelagic fish.