Cochrane Artificial Reef

Southern Queensland, Queensland

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Dive Cochrane Artificial Reef

Wreck Reef

 The reef site is 2.5 nautical miles off the coast and is 800 metres by 400 metres in size. New fish attracting devices are being located there regularly.

This is a blue water dive, it's 50 metre long, 350 tonne dredge.You an find two Mohawk Aircraft, and a Beechcraft Aircraft, and many other interesting structures to explore.

Both hard and soft coral growth covers the older parts of the reef, such as Ceratodus II, with algal growth, encrusting sponges, and hydrozoans also being particularly prevalent.

The Artificial reef area, renowned for its habitation by a large Queensland Grouper (known as VW), is home to myriad species of fish. Brightly coloured nudibranchs have also colonised in large numbers.

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