Marselia Maldives

Marselia Maldives

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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The atolls rise steeply from the bottom of Indian Ocean, forming huge rock walls covered by static forms of life; the thicket in the shallow water provides for shelter and food for the multitude of sea inhabitants. Because of the location and structure of the islands, the submarine submersion in the Maldives - at least the best diving - is always practiced directly near the wall, under the influence of sea currents. During the diving at the wall, it is best of all to submerge along its surface to the selected depth and then to start slow ascent. During the submersion at the wall with drift, all the participants keep together, thus covering much greater area than usual. Some walls have deep cavities at the depth of 15 m, forming small caves and hoods. These shelters abound in different kinds of rockfish, soft-labium fish and squirrelfish. Some perch prefer the protection of stem corals that start approximately at this depth. Turtles can be met everywhere in Maldive Islands, they may be observed often in this place of the wall free floating. The dolphins, regretfully, are seldom observed under water; for the most part they can be seen when following the boat stern in the waves in shoals or frisking in lagoons. To the depths over 30 m the rock surface is studded with large gorgonias and cup-shaped corals, the ledges are covered thickly with multicoloured hardening corals and weeds. One may see resting turtles at this depth at times; to the depth of 40 m you are sure to meet sharks. As a rule, the walls end at the depth 6-10 m and give way to gorgeous coral gardens. The whimsical interlacing of different kinds of corals creates something like a Japanese garden. The upper reefs surrounding each small island seem to extend for miles. Like all shallow-water reef systems, they yield to the influence of weather, but many reefs look intact.

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