Hans Hass Place

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Reef Wall

Also known as Kikki Reef, is a protected marine area in the middle of Gulhi Falhu with lots of hard coral, caves and excellen reef life. Is a 100 m long wall that forms one of the sides of Vaadhoo Kandu with lots of overhangs along the wall. The reef starts at 5m and runs down to 30 and there is a good long swimthrough at the easter side that can be user when the current goes to the west. More overhangs, cavities and caves can be found along the 15m line, with lots of soft coral and sea fan on the ceiling. Is common in this place to find soldierfish, scribbled filefish, trumpetfish and freckled hawkfish. Also scorpionfish and leaf scorpionfish can be found. Is a good place for small stuff.

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