Maldive Victory

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Nice wreck, sunk in 1981, with bottom at 37M anddeck at 25. It lies upright slightly tilted, and is on the sandy bottom next to Hulhule reef. It was a 3500 tons - 83m long freighter that struck to the reef at full speed. The hull was seriously compromised and it sunk in less than 1 hour. It was sailing from Singapore to Male with a full cargo of supplies for the resort islands.

There is nothing of value after 9 months of recovery, but still are radios, cassette players, umbrellas and toys in the front compartment.

Currents can be extremely strong as the wreck is in the channel. However, the wreck itself offers good protection. The best way to dive it is start in the mast along the bow and then on the way along the deck, penetrate the three holes for the cargo compartments. From the bow you can go to the stern of the ship and finish with the bridge. Schools of trevally are often seen inside the cargo holes.

  • maldives victory

    maldives victory
  • maldives victory

    maldives victory

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