Kudarah Thila

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Kudarah Thila

Ambiance Cave Reef Sharks Wall

1Km south of Kudarah island there is this marine protected area, considered one of the most exciting dives in South Ari.
With incoming current from the Dhigurashu Kandu, the funnel effect created and the splitted current by the many thilas, makes this spot the end of all the fishes, and organic materials inside the atoll.
The thila starts at 14m and ends at 30. There is a small canyon on the north side and a very big and long cave at 20m on the most eastern side. If the current is not very strong is easy to dive all around the thila, but this don't happen often. One of the highlights are the fields of seafans, covering a great extension on the north side. Around the fans grey reef sharks use to swim, creating a very nice environment. Coming with the current there are lots of rainbow runner, great barracuda, bluefin jacks and tuna. The current use to be very strong, moving all the fish to the current point on the eastern side (with incoming). A negative descent is required during that conditions.

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