Hannes Reef

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Hannes Reef


This is a very popular easy dive for the dive resorts, as is very easy for beginners and close by to the main resorts in north male. Some places use this dive site as check out dive and if there are many divers in the place, all life goes away. Moreover, is easy to find beginner divers kicking the corals on the reef top with their fins.

This is a small rock next to Maagiri reef that slopes down to 23m where there is only sand. Sometimes very dense schools of blue stripper snapers and yellow stripe fusiliers can be found here. On the deeper side, about 30m there are some small caves with groupers and lionfish inside. Also is possible to see small life, life nudibranches, banned shrimps cleaning next to the moray eel holes or even pipefish. On the sandy area, take a closer look to the isolated anemones and sea fans.

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