Okobe Thila

North Male Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Okobe Thila

Cave Reef Wall

Also known as Barracuda Thila, in the south east of Thulhaagiri. The diving of this site is completely different according the the currents. Is a thin but long thila of about 80 meters long, so is easy to circunvalate it in one dive. There are three main sections, one with 10m diameter, the mane with 50 and the other one of about 20. The GPS point should be on the big thila, with the top at 10m and should be visible from the dhoani. The walls are full of holes and cravities where lots of scorpionfishes are mimetized, and also lionfishes. Huge moray eels can be found even hunting out of their holes. Also there is a school of long fin batfish, another of barracuda and trevally. Sometimes visibility is not good and is easy to loose orientation as the thila formation is a bit complicated, so be prepared to do a safety stop in the blue.

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