Dive in Balearic

    PETER Point @ Hotel Sol… Mallorca, Spain

    In this PETER Point, the underwater tour starts from a small beach located in the middle of a concrete jetty that is found directly in the exit of the hotel. The access to the water is easy and the depth profile is smooth, reaching a maximum of 4m deep. Many animals and seaweed can be seen and as…

    HOTEL H10 PUNTA NEGRA Mallorca, Spain

    Punta Negra has the advantage of having two different ensenades, one side is composed mainly by rocks and the other by sand. This supposes an advantage because the quality of the tour is independent from weather conditions. If wind blows from one side, the other is always calm. As it can be observed…
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    Mariana Platform Ibiza, Spain

    The Mariana Platform was once a fish farm for fattening gilt-head sea bream, 500 metres from the E side of s'Espardell in the strait that divides Ibiza from Formentera. The platform fell to one side after it was totally abandoned, and has now ended up on the sea floor. Diving down you'll find an…
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    La aguja d'es Vedra Ibiza, Spain

    The Aguja (Needle) is an underwater peak near a headland on the SW side of Es Vedra? in the region of Sa Bestorre, which rises from a maximum depth of 40 metres to just 3 below the surface.After anchoring in a small cove beneath the spot where the island's majestic cliffs are marked with large dark…

    Cala LLonga Cave Ibiza, Spain

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    Sa Conillera Ibiza, Spain

    The island of Sa Conillera faces the harbour of Sant Antoni, and near its lighthouse a small outcrop known as Conillereta rises above the surface, which is where you head for.Dive down on the S side to a rocky bed about 3 metres below, which drops down in steps some 15 metres below the surface.…

    Es malvins Ibiza, Spain

    Easy dives around several islands (Malvin sur, Xelles o Tortuga). Start shallow and can go until quite deep along the side of the island.
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    Don Pedro Ibiza, Spain

    The Don Pedro was a roll-on/roll-off boat which, in the summer of 2007, hit underwater rocks off the islet of the 'Dado pequen?o' near Ibiza harbour, and ended up on the sea floor, up to 45 metres below the surface in this area. It has since acquired a reputation as one of Europe's finest shipwrecks…
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    Ses Margalides Ibiza, Spain

    Ses Margalides are two small islets on Ibiza's northern coast beyond Cap Negret, if you're sailing from Sant Antoni, the nearest harbour. The only way to reach them is by boat, which provides an opportunity to see magnificent cliffs and explore hidden coves along the way.The larger Margalides islet,…
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    La Bota d'es Vedra Ibiza, Spain

    La Bota d'es Vedra is a submarine peak roughly 1 mile NW of Es Vedra, which rises from more than 50 metres below the surface to just a few centimetres under the water, swirling waves being the only thing to betray its presence. Because of its distance from the coastline, the area provides a good…

    Baja Bocarones Balearic, Spain

    Anchor the boats very close to the shore and dive 3 minutes and find and enormous and impressive rock coming from 30/32 mts deepto 7/8 mts to the surface.Beneath the rock, till 45mts there is ablack coralforest.Start diving around the rock and find a cave full of black coral and big makerel…
    With a very easy access into the water from the beach located right in front of the hotel, the divers can choose several itineraries that stand along rocky structures that are in between sand banks and some seaweed patches. Also here there is a elevated presence of marine fauna. The depth is…
    The PETER Underwater Tour is especially easy from this hotel because the access into the water is made from a boat parking / ramp that also has benches made out of rock, perfect to attend the theoretical briefing previous to the dive. The seabed here is extremely interesting, showing several…

    Cala en Porter (East) Menorca, Spain

    Cala en Porter (West) Menorca, Spain

    A few 20 meter deep caves

    Cap d'en Font Menorca, Spain

    blocks at 15 meter

    Es cagaires Menorca, Spain

    Es Caracol Menorca, Spain

    Reef close to island. Lots of swim throughs and good fish life for med.

    Horse Shoe Menorca, Spain

    Horse shoe shaped gave with 90 degreese chimnee in it

    Macaret Point Menorca, Spain

    Pozo de la luna Menorca, Spain

    30 meter deep cave with sweet water pool at the end which you enter via chimnee with freshwater halocline.Small narrow cave, two chambers with cold water. Experienced divers only

    Punta Grossa Menorca, Spain

    Nice Rocks / holes with lots of underwater life

    S'estancia Menorca, Spain

    Cavern dive, usual critters od the dark. It's possible to visit two swim through caves in one site, depending on air consumption.

    Seven Arches Menorca, Spain


    Swiss Cheese Menorca, Spain

    Hollow reef on Menorcaís North coast with a maze of tunnels, chimneys & letter boxes.

    The Bay Cala en Forcat Menorca, Spain

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    Llado Sur Ibiza, Spain

    The Llad√≥ are two small rocks nearly 4 km from Ibiza harbour, from which you set out heading in a NE direction. As often occurs with underwater peaks, there are numerous possibilities regarding depth route, depending on expertise and personal preference, as well as variables such as currents and…
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    To the NE of Ibiza opposite Es Pou des Lleo? lies Tagomago, a fairly large island whose waters offer a range of diving options. We here choose the N side in search of two venerable anchors which are its notable feature, and begin the dive in front of an easily-recognizable cave in the island's wall,…
    Barracudas Es Pallaret

    Es Pallaret Ibiza, Spain

    Sailing towards the island of Sa Conillera from Sant Antoni, near the Punta de Sa Torre, you come to a small islet, the goal of your underwater excursion, Es Pallaret, also commonly known as the Hay Stack, due to it`s shape.Dive down on the SW side of the islet to a depth of 12 metres, where the…
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    Es Daus (Dau Petit) Ibiza, Spain

    Very close to Ibiza's yacht harbour, less than 3 km to the SE, lie two small islets known as Es Daus in Catalan, 'the Dice'). The larger has a lighted buoy, while it was on the rocks of the 'Dau Petit' slightly to the south that the Don Pedro ran aground and sank in 2007.Anchor on the E side of the…
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    La Esponja Ibiza, Spain

    La Esponja is a small islet SE of Ibiza town, facing the Sal Rossa watchtower in the area of Platja d'en Bossa, not far from Ibiza harbour. Dive off the N side of the island where the anchor hits the sea bed 8 metres down. You first of all find a very steep slope covered with low-growing seaweed,…
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    E of Es Vedrà lies the horseshoe-shaped islet of Es Vedranell. Head for the latter's W tip, and according to the prevailing wind, you can dive either on the N side or else on the S, where there is a small cove.Your aim is to follow the winding canyons or underwater gorges which run parallel…
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    S'Espartar Ibiza, Spain

    The island of s'Espartar lies in the strait between the s'Illa des Bosc and Sa Conillera, sailing from Sant Antoni. It is more than 2 km in length, a size which guarantees excellent opportunities for exploring underwater.Dive down off the island's SE side in a shallow rocky area only 3 metres deep,…
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    Ses Bledes is a small and picturesque archipelago 6.5 miles SW of Sant Antoni and a short distance from the islands of s'Espartar and Sa Conillera. As a nature reserve of great beauty it has plenty of spots for diving and some stunning sea beds. We here suggest a dive off the Bleda menor at a spot…
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    Half way between Sant Antoni de Portmany and Port de Sant Miquel, Cap d'Albarca (Cape Albarca) stands at the entrance to a large bay of the same name. Under some impressive cliffs are two dives which can be carried out separately, but are here united in one. These are the Pillars of Hercules and the…
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    Illa Murada Ibiza, Spain

    Near Puerto de Sant Miquel and facing the Torres des Molar watchtower lies Illa Murada, a small island with a long shape, 200 m long and aligned N-S.Anchor between the island's S tip and a smaller nearby islet, and set off on your underwater circuit of the latter. Descend first to a depth just under…
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    Cathedral of Portinatx Ibiza, Spain

    Ibiza's most northerly point, Punta des Moscater, is crowned by a lighthouse with black and white spiral stripes. This helps you locate a rocky staircase some 300 metres from the shore, which drops from 25 metres below the surface to almost double that.The skill of the skipper, who should be someone…
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    Caves of Ses Caletes Ibiza, Spain

    In the far north of Ibiza, a short distance by boat from the beach of Portinatx heading for the inlet of Ses Caletes anchor the vessel in a small cove flanked on the right by a spur of the coastal cliffs.Dive down and you come to a seabed composed of medium- sized rocks which get bigger closer to…
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    After passing the island of Tagomago coming from Santa Eularia, you see a small rocky outcrop to the NW that rises no more than a metre above the waves, a danger for navigation but a veritable oasis for divers. This is the apex of a submerged peak that continues north with another rocky formation…
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    E of Santa Eularia and slightly under a mile SE of Punta Arabi stands a rocky submarine shelf which rises from a depth of 35 metres to almost 1 metre below the surface. Until a few years ago a succession of light beacons warned vessels of the danger, but storms have done away with them all, and…

    Espardel Formentera, Spain

    Former site of breeding fish in open sea, this platform sank a stormy day.The concrete structure at oblique side based on some pillars still standing. Other pillars are lying on the bottom.This created a wreck unique.The site is frequented by schools of barracuda.

    Cala Figuera Cabrera, Spain

    Dragonera Cabrera, Spain

    many amazing fish

    Isla del Sec Cabrera, Spain


    Playa de Illetas Cabrera, Spain

    Dive site perfect for begginers, shallow beggining, down to 30m with rock formation, sandy bottom and posidonia.loads of octopus, damselfish, goldline, sars, bogues, wrasse, a couple of congers and moray eels.Amazing night dive.Excellent for beginners and Discover dives. there is a dive center…

    Sa Foradada Cabrera, Spain