La aguja d'es Vedra

Ibiza, Balearic

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Dive La aguja d'es Vedra


The Aguja (Needle) is an underwater peak near a headland on the SW side of Es Vedra? in the region of Sa Bestorre, which rises from a maximum depth of 40 metres to just 3 below the surface.

After anchoring in a small cove beneath the spot where the island's majestic cliffs are marked with large dark stains, dive 8 metres down to the rocky seabed, then proceed in a N direction, observing the wall of the island immediately on your right, beneath which rest large blocks of stone forming arches and passageways. Head towards the Aguja's underwater peak on your left, its profile rather like a conical-cylindrical tower, and swim round it. When you are on a bearing of 2100 another small under- water mound appears on your right, and beyond that the sandy bottom, over 35 metres down. Continue on round and once facing SE-N the slopes of the Aguja are gentler and the sea bed scattered with rocks once again.

After you have completed your circuit of the Needle carry on over the large rocks seen at the beginning and head straight towards the wall of Es Vedra? itself. There you find a small cave which you enter and, after a brief look round (never losing sight of the light), you can rise if you so wish to the surface, where there is a well-lit crypt within the rock. Dive back down, noting two openings in the rock on your left, and pass through one to find yourself practically at the anchor chain where you moored. During this dive you may see lobster, grouper, lots of ocellated wrasse, an occasional scorpionfish (including the large- scaled species), and, of course, rock surfaces covered with delicate bryozoans, sponges and colonies of encrusting anemone. Back aboard the boat look out for goats grazing on Es Vedra?'s rocky surface.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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Peter November 13th, 2014 - 4:42:
There´s another dive route more eastward along a deep wall (40 -60m) to the W-cape of Es Vedra, ending NW of the light-house in 65m. The wall has very nice gorgonas (Paramuricea sp.) and offers a spectaculous view into the deep blue. The way back leads through a chimney in 43m up to 35m. It´s a nice place whe you will find a lot of species. The way back to the anchor place is a little bit far. The end of the dive may be the caves in 6m as shown in the map above. Enjoy it! P.N.
Francisco September 10th, 2012 - 21:18:
La aguja d'es Vedra is a dive recommended only for experience divers (Advanced or above) due to the depth you can reach here, The amazing cliffs of the island melt with the underwater cliffs you will found here. It's pretty both on the surface and underwater. Currents are rare in here and the visibility is oftenly pretty good. You can find lobsters, conger and morey eels as well as nudibranchs, It's a place you will like to dive if you are looking forward a deep dive! It worths a try!!

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