Santa Eularia Underwater Platform

Ibiza, Balearic


E of Santa Eularia and slightly under a mile SE of Punta Arabi stands a rocky submarine shelf which rises from a depth of 35 metres to almost 1 metre below the surface. Until a few years ago a succession of light beacons warned vessels of the danger, but storms have done away with them all, and their remains rest on the seabed below.

Once you've located these shallows dive down about 8 metres to the rocky platform, which looks like an irregular grid, and is carpeted with low-growing seaweed and stands of Posidonia. Swim in a N direction increasing your depth until you arrive at a sandy bottom in which there are the shapeless vestiges of an old wreck. After inspecting this head towards the rocky wall, keeping it to your left and observing the many creatures that live in these waters, including octopi, moray eel, and clouds of tiny fish, which react instantly to the presence of predators like dentex that patrol the area. Note a long fracture in the wall, a kind of crevice, which drops from 9 to 15 metres below the surface, and proceed along this until you come to an enormous cylinder aligned E-W on the seabed 12 metres down. This is the last of the floating beacons marking the rocks, and next to it is an older one which provides a refuge for shoals of white bream. After inspecting these curious relics you ascend to the base of the shelf, and escorted by numerous fish return to the starting point.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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