North Tagomago - The Anchors

Ibiza, Balearic


To the NE of Ibiza opposite Es Pou des Lleo? lies Tagomago, a fairly large island whose waters offer a range of diving options. We here choose the N side in search of two venerable anchors which are its notable feature, and begin the dive in front of an easily-recognizable cave in the island's wall, like the bowl of a giant spoon.

Descending to barely 8 metres you see sharply dropping walls which end in a platform about 20 metres below, then another drop which takes you down to 29 metres, followed by a third which brings you 35 metres below the surface. The idea is to reach the maximum desired depth at the beginning of the dive, and head north swimming round these giant steps. You thus come to the sandy bottom, noting a few rock formations further on.

Keep an eye on the wall which is on your left as you swim in a W direction, full of hollows occupied by swallowtail seaperch (Anthias anthias), an orangey-pink fish, as well as numerous spiny lobsters of a decent size. Shortly after this an enormous anchor looms in front, standing almost vertical, which has rested here for quite a few generations. Take a good look but don't linger too long because of the depth, and then backtrack a few metres to enter a kind of passage which climbs in a SW direction, leading in turn to another passage on your left, where a second anchor rests at 28metres. This is also set vertical and covered with sponges and encrusted marine life. You now head in a SE direction, gradually ascending as you approach the area of the Tagomago cave, an area known for hollows varying in depth between 5 and 15 metres, ideal for new divers. After comfortably getting rid of your surplus nitrogen, swim back to where you dived in.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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