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Dive S'Espartar


The island of s'Espartar lies in the strait between the s'Illa des Bosc and Sa Conillera, sailing from Sant Antoni. It is more than 2 km in length, a size which guarantees excellent opportunities for exploring underwater.

Dive down off the island's SE side in a shallow rocky area only 3 metres deep, where the seabed has medium-sized rocks covered with seaweed. In the open parts there is plenty of bright green Posidonia, together with large examples of noble pen shells. You gain depth crossing these gentle Posidonia slopes, and after descending to 12 metres arrive at some formations of larger rocks which drop vertically like steps down to 20 metres. There is then a narrow shelf, followed by a further drop taking you 40 metres below the surface, where the surface flattens to a sandy bottom. Swim round to face the above-mentioned steps and proceed in a W direction, i.e. keeping to your right the rocky wall in which you find crevices that shelter moray eels and spiny lobsters, all against the brilliant coloured background of reddish star coral and yellow encrusting anemone. Noble pens shells are usually found in Posidonia meadows, but at a depth of 33 metres you might well come across one standing up like an erect monolith on a rocky surface, the shell spotted with the variegated tones of encrusted sponges and bryozoans. Shortly after this you come to some large rocks 35 metres down like underwater hills which you keep on your left, and a group of smaller mounds among which the occasional grouper may be seeking refuge. You begin the ascent along the rocky wall by doubling back along the route you came, reducing depth and keeping the wall on your left, thus making your way back to the spot where you began the dive.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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