Caves of Ses Caletes

Ibiza, Balearic

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Dive Caves of Ses Caletes


In the far north of Ibiza, a short distance by boat from the beach of Portinatx heading for the inlet of Ses Caletes anchor the vessel in a small cove flanked on the right by a spur of the coastal cliffs.

Dive down and you come to a seabed composed of medium- sized rocks which get bigger closer to the shore. Descend no more than 4 or 5 metres, and then head off on a bearing of 210 degrees, passing over one of the large boulders and finding in the rocky wall a gap 4 metres below the surface, which leads to a submerged gallery. This gradually drops to 10 metres below the surface as you swim along an impressive stretch rather like a perforated tunnel, lit by shafts of light. Shortly after this you come to the entrance of another gallery whose arches and openings again take you by surprise, with suggestive light effects as rays of light enter the blue depths, illuminating the gallery's interior.

The entire dive must be carried out with great care as the walls are home to fragile colonies of invertebrates and filtering organisms, which could easily suffer from a sudden movement of finns. After emerging from the second tunnel, and still at a depth of 20 metres, you come to a Posidonia meadow that you can swim across to reach a long mound, between 30 and 35 metres underwater. This is covered with Posidonia and shelters ocellated wrasse, noble pen shells and the occasional cuttlefish, as well as plenty of damselfish and Salema porgies. After swimming round this aim S, returning to the wall which you now keep to your right, examining the hollows that riddle its surface and rocks that have tumbled to the seabed, until you arrive back at your starting point.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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