Figueral Underwater Platform

Ibiza, Balearic


After passing the island of Tagomago coming from Santa Eularia, you see a small rocky outcrop to the NW that rises no more than a metre above the waves, a danger for navigation but a veritable oasis for divers. This is the apex of a submerged peak that continues north with another rocky formation entirely below the water, 3 metres below at its highest point.

The large size of this submarine shelf allows for various diving options, but the present excursion is N of the outcrop that emerges from the waves, between that and the platform's other (submerged) apex. Dive to the seabed 5 metres below, where you come to the rocky platform carpeted with low-growing seaweed and patrolled by clouds of damselfish.

Swimming in an E direction you come to a vertical drop off that takes you 20 metres below the surface, followed by another which plunges 30 metres below. Continue on, this time in a S direction, keeping the shelf on your right and exploring the numerous hollows that make perfect hideouts for moray eel, scorpionfish, brown meagre and other timid sea creatures. The wall is covered with gorgeous spiral (wreathy- tuft) tube worms, which add a colourful accent, and plenty of sponges as well as false coral.
Further along on your left a channel with a sandy bed comes into view, which you swim past before reaching another, which you follow on a bearing of 300 degrees. Swim around and among its large rocks and gradually ascend while observing the schools of barracuda, which will probably keep company as you head towards the boat. On arriving at the submerged shelf you make a comfortable stop to remove surplus nitrogen.

  • Map of Divesite

    Map of Divesite

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