Dive in Palawan

    Whaleshark Outside Irako Maru, Coron Palawan

    Irako Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the south-east of Lusong Island south of the Kogyo Maru, the Irako, a Japanese supply ship, 147m (482ft) long with 9.570 G.R.T., was sunk in this furious strike of the American Air force in September 24, 1944.The Irako, a provision-vessel for refrigerating food, sunk after disastrous…

    Block #1 Balabac - Bugsuk, Philippines

    Akitsushima Machine Gun and Bomb, Coron Palawan

    Akitsushima Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in between the islands of Lajo and Manglet south of Concepcion village on Busuanga Island, lies the Akitsushima Wreck.One of the few real warships among the Coron wrecks. The Akitsushima was sunk by the Americans in 1944. The wreck is 148m (485ft) long, had 4.650 G.R.T. and lies on port side…

    Baby Shark Palawan, Philippines

    Charlys Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Jozef Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Junes Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Madonna Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Michel Reef Palawan, Philippines

    Sand Bar Palawan, Philippines

    Tagbao Island (Miniloc) El Nido, Philippines

    Off the northwest point of Miniloc, this tiny island is also known locally as Tres Marias in reference to the three reefs that lie between the two islands. As it's shallow here, snorkeling is good and beginner divers can expect to see lots of reef fish, colourful corals and painted crayfish.

    Biet Point (Miniloc) El Nido, Philippines

    This site is on the southern tip of the island and ranges from 13-21m. There are plenty of lettuce corals and sponges. You'll encounter jacks, barracuda, squid, cuttlefish and angelfish. The site is very sheltered, so it's a good all year round spot to explore.

    Twin Rocks (Miniloc) El Nido, Philippines

    On the north side of the island, this site again slopes from 13-21m and has a sandy bottom. It is charactarised by a profusion of table corals, sea whips and sponges. You will see small stingray and angelfish here.

    The Wall (Miniloc) El Nido, Philippines

    This is one of the most popular dives in El Nido. This wall drops off for around 30m, and it's all covered with soft corals and plenty of nudibranchs.

    Dilumacad Island El Nido, Philippines

    Situated 6 km west of El Nido, this island is best known for a cave dive that can be found on the north side. The entrance is wide enough for two divers to enter together and a 15-20m tunnel leads to a cavern at the centre. The bottom is sandy where small fish and crabs can be seen.The way out is…

    Banayan Point (Matinloc… El Nido, Philippines

    Situated on the southern tip of the island, this a great site to see pelagics. Currents can be strong, bringing with them tuna, jacks and mackerel. Don't be so busy viewing the fish that you miss the coral encrusted rocks.

    Bikanayos Rock (Matinloc… El Nido, Philippines

    Also known as Picanayas, on the western side of the island, the site has some large boulders that whitetip sharks frequent. Pelagics can often be seen here as well.

    Inbogal Point (Matinloc… El Nido, Philippines

    Just to the southwest of Bikanayos, this site has some impressive gorgonians and green corals on a slope to 35m. Jacks, tuna and mackerel are common and it is home to a unique species of angelfish (Pomacanthus annularis). Only here and at Tres Marias can this fish be found.

    The Laberinth El Nido, Philippines

    This is a boulder formation creating a special environment underwater. One can dive trough the narrow corridors they create, and the occasional swim-through. Some macro life can be found here.

    Ina's Place Puerto Princesa, Philippines

    ideal place for check dive

    Tagtuan Reef Puerto Princesa, Philippines

    Dimakya Island Dimakya, Philippines

    The Dimakya island house reef provides ample opportunity to spot a huge variety of reef fish and schooling fish, as well as sponges, seastars, sea cucumbers, turtles, cuttlefish and giant clams to name but a few, making this also an excellent place for a snorkelling enthusiast.

    Dimakya West Dimakya, Philippines

    On the west side of the island, right in front of the lounge is a reef with a beautiful coral garden. The reef features soft and hard corals in an explosion of colors, amazingly tamed reef fish, and untold surprises. On the steep slope, which runs down to 17 meters (about 55 feet), there are alot of…

    The Classroom Dimakya, Philippines

    On the west side of the island, right in the middle of this confusion of corals and color is a clearing with white sand at 3 meters (10 feet) of water. This is the site called the classroom, indeed a very ideal place to teach scuba.

    Dimakya North Dimakya, Philippines

    On the north side of the island is a gently sloping reef. The corals are not as colorful as in the classroom but the chances of seeing mantas, eagle rays, and marine turtles are greater in this area, as well as lobsters and a great assortment of reef fish call this home.

    Dimakya North-East Dimakya, Philippines

    The northeast end of the island features a small place that has quite a number of Porites (hump corals), some of them as big as a small one bedroom house. The place is a good spot for macrophotography: nudibranchs, crinoids, slugs, and other various invertebrates proliferate in this reef.)

    Crossing Dimakya, Philippines

    This reef is a natural submerged bridge between Dimakya Island and Islang Walang Langaw.The reef is about 2 to 3 kilometers long(about a mile). This reef can account for three to four dive spots and each spot can be a different experience for the diver. The main distinguishing characteristic of this…

    Island Walang Langaw Dimakya, Philippines

    South: The name, literally translated into English means ISLAND WITH NO TREES, is located on the east side of Club Paradise, just ten minutes away by boat. The reef consists of extensive hump coral formations on a shallow, gently sloping terrain.The reef starts at 3 meters(10 feet) and ends at…

    Island Walang Tao Dimakya, Philippines

    North: This short but beautiful reef can be reached by a 15 minute boat ride from the resort. This island's name in English is THE ISLAND WITHOUT PEOPLE. The reef gently slopes down to 18 meters (60 feet), is home to one long black tip shark and on occasions, 2 meter (7 foot) nurse sharks patrolling…

    Barry's Reef Dimakya, Philippines

    This elongated submerged reef is located in a large cove that is about 20 minutes away from the Club. The top of the reef is at 3 to 4 meters ( 12 feet) and the slope sharply drops to 27 meters (90 feet).There are plenty of macro subjects on this reef. Spanish dancers, juvenile spotted sweetlips,…

    Barracuda Lake Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the middle of the north-west coast of Coron Island further inland, the access is by boat. In the north-west coast of Coron Island there's a cave with limestone cliffs, exactly between Pimaa Point and Balolo Point. In the middle of the bay there is a gap in the cliffs at sea level. You…

    Kogyo Maru Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the east of the south-eastern corner of Lusong Island. South of the Olympia Maru, this Japanese freight ship, 158m (518ft) long with 6.352 G.R.T., was sunk by the Americans in 1944. It lies in a depth of 34m (112ft) on its starboard side. The port side is in 22m (72ft).This is an…

    Kyokuzan Maru Coron Island, Philippines

    This Japanese freighter measures about 152 m long and lies almost upright at an average 30m depth; she provides a beautiful wreck dive experience. In excellent condition, this huge sunken ship usually has about 20 metres visibility and ideal diving conditions. In the cargo rooms hold Japanese cars…

    Lusong Gunboat Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the southern end of Lusong Island, and northwest of Irako the wreck lies in shallow waters between sea level and 14m. Good for snorkeling and photographing. The wreck was recovered earlier and all the superstructure is gone.It is covered with sponges and soft corals and provides shelter…

    Okikawa Maru (former Taiei… Coron Island, Philippines

    This was a civilian tanker/oiler ordered form Mainila to Coron Bay on the 22nd September 1944. Two days later, she was hit by bombs and sank. She is 160m long and lies two miles south of Concepcion in the northwest of the bay. Confusion has reigned for a while about its true name. Many called it The…

    Olympia Maru (former Tangat… Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in between the northern tip of Lusang Island and the island of Tangat, this originally thought japanese freight ship, 137m (449ft) long with 5.617 G.R.T, was sunk by the Americans in 1944. The reality is that nobody knows his origin, but it was supposedly built in Europe. The Olympia Maru is…

    Talei Maru/ Concepcion Wreck Coron Island, Philippines

    Located in the south of the village of Concepcion on Busuanga Island edging at the pearl farm of the Lusteveco Company. The wreck is not visible any more above sea level.The 168m (551ft) long Japanese 10.045t auxiliary tanker Taiei Maru was sunk in 1944 by American planes. It lies almost straight at…

    East Tangat Gunboat Coron Island, Philippines

    Pretty close to the east-shore of Tangat–Island, you can dive a small, 35m long Japanese anti-submarine-chaser and Tug-boat in shallow water of min. 3m down to max 19m. A perfect dive for beginners or a 3.rd dive of the day, and of course, for underwater-photographer! Her original Japanese…

    Black Island wreck Coron Island, Philippines

    It is located in the east side of Malajon Island, alias Black Island due to its black rocks. The wreck is right in front of the beach next to a ship stranded on the shore.The 45m (148ft) long coastal ship of unknown origin lies upright on a sandy slope. The bow at 32m (105ft) and its stern at 20m…

    Morazán Maru (former Olympia… Coron Island, Philippines

    Freighter and passenger liner built in England, 1908, sold to Central America, where she served (among others) the route between Honduras and New Orleans. Captured by the Imperial Japanese Navy in Shanghai 1941 and used as an Auxiliary Cargo Vessel.The origin of this vessel was for long time unknown…

    Bugor-Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    This excellent reef near the north-shore of Culion Island slopes from 3m down to 35m+.It usually offers a quite good visibility of 15-20m. The best parts are the shallow ones with a plenty of different species of hard and soft corals and a rich fish life, including the common reef-fishes like…
    Electric Clam, Coron Palawan

    Kalambuyan Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    A 30min boat ride in the north–west of Okikawa maru this dive-site is one of the best reefs in the region and offers you a beautiful, healthy environment under water with usually pleasant visibility and an excellent diversity of corals and fishes. It is also very good for…

    Lusong Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    The reef itself stretches from the Lusong Wreck to the north, for around 2 sea-miles and offers good to excellent quality of hard and soft corals.Because of the protection of a pearl-farm nearby, it has also a pretty good fish life, including turtles, cattle-fish, rays and plenty of macro-stuff like…

    7 Islands Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    Its local name is Siete Picado, and it is one of the most popular reef dives around Coron because of its close distance to the town (only 20min with the boat). Also good for a single dive or night dive, but usually and best in combination with Barracuda lake.Since a couple of years this reef is a…

    Neptune's Wall Coron Island, Philippines

    One of the few true wall dives in Coron. A nice dive with lots of small cracks and crevices for life to hide.

    Chindonan House Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    A beautiful reef just 80m off Chindonan Island Resort & Divecenters shoreline.Amazing night dives where to see squids, a sleeping turtle, octopus, seahorses, different scorpion fishes and much more.During day time this reef offers great diving for Discover Scuba divers, and divers who needs a…

    Apo Reef Coron Island, Philippines

    Apo Reef Marine National Park Largest Reef in Asia and the second largest Reef in the World Apo Reef, the second largest contiguous coral reef in the world after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, lies in the middle of the South China Sea, six to seven hours from Coron on Busuanga Island or four to…

    Bahura Balabac - Bugsuk, Philippines

    Part of the eastern limit of the Balabac Marine Reserve, a beautiful coral area rich in fauna and flora. However dive must be performed timely with highest tide.Fishing restricted. RA8550.

    Tarok Balabac - Bugsuk, Philippines


    Virgin Island Balabac - Bugsuk, Philippines

    Cathedral Cave Busuanga Island, Philippines

    The entrance is located north north-east of Calis Point on Coron Island where some overhanging cliffs lead to small grottoes and holes. Once you've found the big cave entrance you have to find the narrow tunnel in the bottom leading to the cathedral cave.This is an excellent diving excursion. You…

    Dumunpalit Island Busuanga Island, Philippines

    Great site with pink soft corals from the shore to 25m deep. Pelagic species can be found along the slope.No accomadations exist on this island except for the guards that live there.However, if divers wish to camp on the island overnight, they may submit a request.Rate for camping is $55 per night…

    Coron Island Fishing Boat Busuanga Island, Philippines

    Located a few hundred meters south-west of the bay entrance to the Barracuda Lake, exactly between Limaa Point and Balolo Point at the north-west coast of Coron Island there is a fishing boat wreck. Here you find some areas for diving and snorkeling with beautiful rocks and sandy coves. Most of the…

    Coral garden Busuanga Island, Philippines

    It is located some hundred meters north-west of Calis Point, which is the southern tip of Coron Island. First you get to a beautiful coral garden and then you descent at the slope to 40m (131ft) or deeper. The flat roof of the reef is covered with marvellous stony- and soft corals, among them big…

    Ariara House Reef Linapacan, Philippines

    Ariara Reef Linapacan, Philippines

    Unknown Wreck Linapacan, Philippines

    Constancia Reef Roxas, Philippines

    DALL Reef Roxas, Philippines

    Helmuth Reef Roxas, Philippines

    House Reef North Roxas, Philippines

    House Reef West Roxas, Philippines

    Is one of the two house reefs of Coco Loco

    Kongs Reef Roxas, Philippines

    The Wall Roxas, Philippines

    Jessie Beazley North End Tubbataha, Philippines

    Gradual slopes are rich in corals. There is also a drop-off which is undercut, giving the reef the overall shape of a mushroom. Shark sighting is guaranteed on any dive, with barracuda and Spanish mackerel as common visitors. Currents in the area can change direction within minutes.

    Jessie Beazley Reefshark Point Tubbataha, Philippines

    Jessie Beazley White Sand Cay Tubbataha, Philippines

    Jessie Beazly South End Tubbataha, Philippines

    Gradual slopes are rich in corals. There is also a drop-off which is undercut, giving the reef the overall shape of a mushroom. Shark sighting is guaranteed on any dive, with barracuda and Spanish mackerel as common visitors. Currents in the area can change direction within minutes.

    North Atoll - Amos Rock Tubbataha, Philippines

    The wall is wonderfully covered with huge gorgonian fans and whip corals and if there is some current this place is just packed with large fish! Here you can see so many sharks you'll give up on counting, mostly white tip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. There are also plenty of mackerels,…

    North Atoll - Gorgonian… Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Malayan Wall Tubbataha, Philippines

    Adventurous divers looking for a glimpse of schooling hammerhead sharks in the deep blue choose to take the plunge at Tubbataha’s Malayan Wall.Named after the wreck of the Malayan (a small shipwreck at the beginning of the dive), divers swim out into the open Sulu Sea as far as they can…

    North Atoll - Malayan Wreck Tubbataha, Philippines

    You can see the remains of a Malayian ship that stranded here from the mooring place. You can have a strong current in one of the sides, but lots of fish will hang around there too, a large group of dogtooth tuna and even an eagle ray. On the reef top you can see moray eels, angelfishes,…

    North Atoll - Marine Park Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Ranger Station Tubbataha, Philippines

    There is a channel going to the ranger station.

    North Atoll - Seafan Alley Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Shark Airport Tubbataha, Philippines

    Known as one of Tubbataha’s most fertile dive sites, the Shark Airport is made up of a wide plateau at 15 m dropping off to a shelf at 25 m.Endangered hawksbill and green sea turtles can often be found searching the sunny shallows in search of corals to munch on while whitetip sharks cruise…

    North Atoll - Terraces Tubbataha, Philippines

    North Atoll - Wall Street Tubbataha, Philippines

    One of the most popular coral reef wall dives within the Tubbataha park, ‘Wall Street’ is a sheer wall dive plunging deep into the blue of the Sulu Sea. Notable sightings at the ‘Wall Street’ dive include Napoleon Wrasse, and blacksaddle coral grouper. Lucky divers have even…

    North Atoll - Washing Machine Tubbataha, Philippines

    Named for the unpredictable currents which sometimes change direction in the middle of a dive, the Washing Machine is located at the exposed northeastern edge of Tubbataha.Known for having some of the best visibility of any dive site within the Marine Park, this dive site is home to grey reef sharks…

    South Atoll - Black Rock Tubbataha, Philippines

    Steep wall not covered with much corals. In-between sandy channels coming from the reef top. There are some sharks patrolling, mostly white tip reef sharks and a few Napoleon wrasses. Sometimes mantas are spotted in this area.

    South Atoll - Black Rock North Tubbataha, Philippines

    Located at the northeast corner of Tubbataha’s South Atoll, the Black Rock plateau slopes gently from 15 to 25 m in depth. Whitetip sharks can often be seen sleeping on the seabed or cruising in search of prey with a bluefin trevally in tandem.This dive is also known for sightings of 2 titan…

    South Atoll - Delsan Wreck Tubbataha, Philippines

    Named for the remains of a small ship which sank at the southeastern edge of South Atoll, this dive is known for sightings of big fish.When the current is running, grey reef sharks are often found hunting schools of fish feeding within ‘The Cut’—a 30m meter deep by 20m wide…

    South Atoll - Eiger Wall Tubbataha, Philippines

    South Atoll - Garden Wall Tubbataha, Philippines

    South Atoll - Light House End Tubbataha, Philippines

    South Atoll - Lighthouse Tubbataha, Philippines

    Steep wall and a large reef top area. Hard and soft corals, anemones with anemone fishes, lots of anthias.

    South Atoll - South West Wall Tubbataha, Philippines

    An array of staghorn coral on a short slope runs down to 15 meters and the start of the drop-off. Rainbow runners and jewfish frequent the area.

    Turtle Reef Tubbataha, Philippines

    Ancient sea turtles swims beside a coral reef garden in Palawan.

    South Islet Tubbataha, Philippines

    This area presents good drift-diving opportunities. A wide range of pelagic fishes can be seen in the drop-off, which has a depth in excess of 60 meters. Moorish idols, and crayfish can be observed in great numbers. Snorkeling is possible around the stern of the wrecked log carrier, the Delsan, but…

    North Rocks Tubbataha, Philippines

    Expert back-up both above and under water is required. A slope runs to 15 meters ending in a wall which seemingly has no base due to its depth. Big snappers and grunts that do not seem to favor the southern reef can be seen around the North Rock. Sharks are a common sight but pelagic fish might not…

    North Atoll - Bird island Tubbataha, Philippines

    This is a steep wall with overhangs, swim throughs and crevices. Some areas have sand trickling down from above like a waterfall and there is a corner where you feel strong currents coming from both sides. The reef top is quite nice with lots of hard coral heads and sandy areas in-between. There are…

    North Atoll - South Rock Tubbataha, Philippines

    Steep wall with a lot of gorgonian fans, and some overhangs. It's easy to encounter large group of tunas and longface emperors. On the sandy areas there are always a lot of sea cucumbers like the special looking Thelenota ananas. As during nearly every other dive, there are several turtles.

    Jessie Beazeley Reef Tubbataha, Philippines

    The name of this reef is also written as Jezzly Beazley on some maps. This reef lies about 23 km northwest of the Tubbataha reefs but is not protected as a Marine Park, so fishing is allowed here. The reef here is so small, you probably have visited it in two dives.This place is not sheltered at…

    Arena Island Tubbataha, Philippines

    Arena island, 89 km northeast of the Tubbataha reefs and Cavili close by are small coral islets and sand cays with fringing reefs. Arena has a lighthouse and seaweed farms.Further north lie Caluse and Cagayancillo, both surrounded by reefs. This whole area is not so nice to dive, since there has…

    Bastera Reef & Oceanic Wreck Tubbataha, Philippines

    Bastera (Maeander Reef) is a sand cay 93 km southwest of Tubbataha south island. The wreck of the Oceanic lies on the east side. Bancoran island, a further 60 km southwest of Bastera, is densely wooded and inhabited.