Barry's Reef

Dimakya, Calamian Group

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This elongated submerged reef is located in a large cove that is about 20 minutes away from the Club. The top of the reef is at 3 to 4 meters ( 12 feet) and the slope sharply drops to 27 meters (90 feet).

There are plenty of macro subjects on this reef. Spanish dancers, juvenile spotted sweetlips, large anemones with african, common. Pink shunk clown fish communally lived with blue banded anemone shrimps.

In about 18 meters (60 feet), there is one large cabbage coral approximately 2.5 meters (8 feet) in dimater and at 25 meters(80 feet). There lives an acropora whose diameter is roughly 2.3 meters (about 8 feet). The formation of smal to medium sized Porites is unusual in that they form some sort of a big stairway. This is truly amazing nature's work of art!

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