Dive in Dimakya

    Dimakya Island Dimakya, Philippines

    The Dimakya island house reef provides ample opportunity to spot a huge variety of reef fish and schooling fish, as well as sponges, seastars, sea cucumbers, turtles, cuttlefish and giant clams to name but a few, making this also an excellent place for a snorkelling enthusiast.

    Dimakya West Dimakya, Philippines

    On the west side of the island, right in front of the lounge is a reef with a beautiful coral garden. The reef features soft and hard corals in an explosion of colors, amazingly tamed reef fish, and untold surprises. On the steep slope, which runs down to 17 meters (about 55 feet), there are alot of…

    The Classroom Dimakya, Philippines

    On the west side of the island, right in the middle of this confusion of corals and color is a clearing with white sand at 3 meters (10 feet) of water. This is the site called the classroom, indeed a very ideal place to teach scuba.

    Dimakya North Dimakya, Philippines

    On the north side of the island is a gently sloping reef. The corals are not as colorful as in the classroom but the chances of seeing mantas, eagle rays, and marine turtles are greater in this area, as well as lobsters and a great assortment of reef fish call this home.

    Dimakya North-East Dimakya, Philippines

    The northeast end of the island features a small place that has quite a number of Porites (hump corals), some of them as big as a small one bedroom house. The place is a good spot for macrophotography: nudibranchs, crinoids, slugs, and other various invertebrates proliferate in this reef.)

    Crossing Dimakya, Philippines

    This reef is a natural submerged bridge between Dimakya Island and Islang Walang Langaw.The reef is about 2 to 3 kilometers long(about a mile). This reef can account for three to four dive spots and each spot can be a different experience for the diver. The main distinguishing characteristic of this…

    Island Walang Langaw Dimakya, Philippines

    South: The name, literally translated into English means ISLAND WITH NO TREES, is located on the east side of Club Paradise, just ten minutes away by boat. The reef consists of extensive hump coral formations on a shallow, gently sloping terrain.The reef starts at 3 meters(10 feet) and ends at…

    Island Walang Tao Dimakya, Philippines

    North: This short but beautiful reef can be reached by a 15 minute boat ride from the resort. This island's name in English is THE ISLAND WITHOUT PEOPLE. The reef gently slopes down to 18 meters (60 feet), is home to one long black tip shark and on occasions, 2 meter (7 foot) nurse sharks patrolling…

    Barry's Reef Dimakya, Philippines

    This elongated submerged reef is located in a large cove that is about 20 minutes away from the Club. The top of the reef is at 3 to 4 meters ( 12 feet) and the slope sharply drops to 27 meters (90 feet).There are plenty of macro subjects on this reef. Spanish dancers, juvenile spotted sweetlips,…