Island Walang Langaw

Dimakya, Calamian Group

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Dive Island Walang Langaw


The name, literally translated into English means ISLAND WITH NO TREES, is located on the east side of Club Paradise, just ten minutes away by boat. The reef consists of extensive hump coral formations on a shallow, gently sloping terrain.

The reef starts at 3 meters(10 feet) and ends at around 25 meters(80 feet).
White and black tip sharks are regularly seen, with an occasional sighting of mantas and eagle rays.

On the back side of the island, the side facing away from the Club, there is a good opportunity for macrophotography. The place is inhabited by innumerable species of nudibranch, small reef fish, moray eels, and lots of coral. There have also been occasional sightings of a school of large eagle rays measuring from 1.5(4 feet) to 2 meters (6 feet).

Marine turtles also inhabit this area since the island is a nesting area.

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