Dimakya West

Dimakya, Calamian Group

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On the west side of the island, right in front of the lounge is a reef with a beautiful coral garden. The reef features soft and hard corals in an explosion of colors, amazingly tamed reef fish, and untold surprises. On the steep slope, which runs down to 17 meters (about 55 feet), there are alot of sponges, Tunicates and sea squirts, garupas, parrot fish and the occasional family of bumpheads. On the far end of the reef exists an extensive garden of staghorn corals populated by rainbow runners, a school of barracuda and goat fish. A special treat awaits the diver at a small nook at 13 meters (about 40 feet) near the classroom - the chance to see a rare giant clam, Triadacna Gigas, measuring around one meter (about 3 feet).

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