Dive in Dimakya

Diving in Dimakya

Tucked away towards the northern end of the archipelago, Busuanga and the tiny island of Dimakya offer quiet stays and a fantastic variety of dive sites. This island, is blessed with beautiful reefs within its immediate vicinity. On the west side of the island, right in front of the lounge is a reef with a beautiful coral garden. The reef features soft and hard corals in an explosion of colors, amazingly tamed reef fish, and untold surprises.

On the tiny island of Dimakya, you can acquaint yourself with a Dugong, explore the Kyokuzan Maru, a Japanese freighter, and be amazed by the sheer magnitude of the drop offs and coral formations at Apo Reef. Further away but accessible on day trips are the other large wrecks of Coron Bay, Akitsushima, Talei Maru, Olympia Maru, Irako, Tangat and Kogyo Maru and the fresh water Barracuda Lake, generally accessible from Busuanga Island and Coron Island.

Travel to Dimakya

Dimakya Island is one of many small islets in Northern Coron, Palawan. The place is a little wilder than most, which is just great. The present use of Dimakya as a nature-oriented resort will ensure the preservation and protection of endemic species.

The natural lagoon, for example, remains as a natural attractant to wetland inhabitants and visitors. Thus wildlife around the lagoon area such as calamian deer (an endemic animal recognized by the WWF), monitor lizards, herons, bulbuls and kingfishers will continue to inhabit the island.

And this island is blessed with beautiful reefs within its immediate vicinity. The bottom line: The sand is deep, soft, and excellent. The emerald-green water is always cool and pristinely-clear. The skies are a nice deep blue and the sunsets are fiery. The snorkeling is good and the people friendly. And the peace & quiet absolutely priceless.