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PADI Open Water Diver course in Coron

Learn to dive! This course gives you the skills and certification card you need to dive in any ocean in the world. We don't rush you, but take each new skill at your pace so you can learn how. In 3-4 days you will be a new PADI certified diver to dive up to 18m deep. Come and take the plunge with us.

Discover Scuba Diving - 2 Dives

People who have never experienced diving can try it. First, we conduct a short lecture on the beach, discussing equipment and how to dive safely. Second, we build your confidence through a practice session in shallow water. Finally, we take our new divers to explore the amazing wrecks, corals and fish of Coron or Sangat Bay. Discover Diving students are always accompanied by a certified PADI or…

2 Fun Dives

2 Fun Dives including lunch & Equipment in the beautiful surrounding of Coron and. Amazing visibility and Underwater Wildlife. Experience your dream with us. - full equipment - torch - all entrance fees lake/wrecks - fresh cooked lunch - 1 Soft drink, 1 beer, drinking water - Dive master service

2 Wreck Dives and an afternoon on a deserted island

This is wonderful if you have a non diving partner traveling with you, we start the morning off with 2 wreck dives, then a short 15minute boat ride to Calambuyan Island where we relax on the beach cook a BBQ and do a bit of snorkeling, it really is paradise! Includes: 2 wreck dives Guide Equipment BoatLunch All entrance fees Bring a non diving partner for 700peso (they get lunch snorkeling and…

3 Wreck dives

3 Japanese World War 2 shipwreck dives, over a full day package. Depending on your certifaction level to what wrecks you can dive but there are dives from open water beginners all the way through to the most advanced diver. Includes: Lunch on the boat All equipment rentals Marrine Park fees Boat fees Instructor guide No hidden charges or fees

Diving in Calamian Group

Calamian islands
The Calamian group is the northernmost point of Palawan Province in the western Philippines. It is a stunning collection of islands with great diving and snorkeling and myriad resorts.

The Calamian group is one of the most popular tourist draws in Palawan Province and consists of three main islands - Busuanga, Coron, and Cullon - along with numerous smaller islets. The beaches and the excellent wreck diving are the main draws in the Calamian group.

The house reefs around the Calamian islands offer a great place for beginners to start their diving adventures and for more experienced divers there is a wide variety of marine life to observe. Regular sights include parrotfish, groupers, turtles, snappers and jacks. There are also a number of giant clams to be found. In the deeper waters surrounding the islands passing barracuda and tuna are occasionally seen.

In the grassy underwater slopes around Dimayka live some Dugongs. These shy creatures are globally endangered and there are few places left to see them. The dive centre organises outings for both snorkelers and divers to view them in their natural habitat – seeing them is a wonderful experience.

The waters around Busuanga and Coron islands are famous for their World War 2 shipwrecks with a number of Japanese navy and fleet auxiliary boats available to divers. Kyokuzn Maru which is approximately 150m long with its upper decks being in 30m water. Generally the visibility here is excellent and sitting upright the wreck is an awesome dive.

Further away but accessible on day trips are the other large wrecks Akitsushima, Taiei Maru, Olympia Maru, Irako, Tangat Wreck and Kogyo Maru. These six wrecks are thrilling dives sites and live long in the memory. Some are more challenging than others but because they all sit at maximum depths of between 24m and 42m they are accessible to experienced divers. Visibility here can vary and currents may be present but they are large boats and home to a huge variety of soft and hard corals and marine life.

Barracuda Lake is situated in Coron Island and this famous place sees you diving into the heart of the lake where fresh and sea waters sit in layers in front of your eyes and the presence of thermal waters mean that temperatures can reach 38 degrees centigrade. This is a unique dive.

Lastly, the Apo Reef Natural Park is accessible by speedboat (day trips) or banca (overnight trips). Apo Reef is a marine reserve and its remote location means fish and lots of them. The reef consists mainly of steep walls and divers spend their time along the reef top where over 30 different dive sites have been identified.. There are large numbers of reef species here including turtles and the deeper waters and currents sometimes attract sharks, manta rays and schools of pelagics such as jacks and tuna.


Travel to Calamian Group

Narrowing in to the "Calamian island group", the Northern Islands of the province Palawan. Their main Island Busuanga just 1 hr. fly time south of Manila, lapped by the south China Sea on one side and the Sulu Sea on the other. It offers some of the Philippines most spectacular scenery, ranging from huge limestone cliffs, underwater and land caves to thermal lakes, hot springs, jungles, rivers and mangrove swamps.

It' s still rarely visited by tourists, which helped to keep the wrecks here to one of the best kept secret of the Philippines. Coron town is the center of Busuanga Island and located in front of the beautiful "skyline" of Coron Island. The town is still pretty laid back. The people live mainly from fishing, trading and newly from tourism & Wreck diving.


  • Whaleshark Outside Irako Maru, Coron Palawan

    Whaleshark Outside Irako Maru, Coron Palawan
  • Green Nudi, Coron Palawan

    Green Nudi, Coron Palawan
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  • Rocksteady

  • Location in Coron

    Location in Coron
  • Barracuda Lake, Coron

    Barracuda Lake, Coron
  • The dive centre

    The dive centre
  • Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan

    Razor Shrimp, Coron Palawan
  • Electric Clam, Coron Palawan

    Electric Clam, Coron Palawan
  • Akitsushima Machine Gun and Bomb, Coron Palawan

    Akitsushima Machine Gun and Bomb, Coron Palawan