Dive in Sangat

Diving in Sangat

Sangat Island on Coron Bay in the South China Sea, is considered a grave yard for many Japanese ships which were attacked by the Americans during WWII. Diving is possible all year and because of the warm water temperatures all you need is a 3-5 mm diving suit.

There are about 11 ship wrecks; at a depth ranging from 45 to 141 feet (14 to 43 meters). Most of the wreck sites are located 15 minutes away from shore and in good condition. There is a variety of hard, soft and black corals, hydroids and sponges covering the wrecks as well as grouper, lionfish, surgeons and wrasse, turtles may be seen in deeper sites.

Okikawa Maru is a very popular wreck site. Coron Bay also offers great reef dives. Barracuda Lake is a hot geothermal lake. The lake is full of ocean water and sweet rain water on top of it. Very beautiful limestone formation can be seen at the lake and it is also home to large barracuda.

Note that this and other wrecks are also accessible from the main island of Busuanga and Coron Island.

Travel to Sangat

Sangat Island is a beautiful diving destination located on Coron Bay. It is famous for its historical wreck sites; most of the wrecks here were Japanese ships that sank during the WWII. Lionfish, batfish, many glassfish, black corals, shrimps are among the aqua lives that can be seen on the dive sites