Island Walang Tao

Dimakya, Calamian Group

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Dive Island Walang Tao


This short but beautiful reef can be reached by a 15 minute boat ride from the resort. This island's name in English is THE ISLAND WITHOUT PEOPLE. The reef gently slopes down to 18 meters (60 feet), is home to one long black tip shark and on occasions, 2 meter (7 foot) nurse sharks patrolling the area. The elephant ear sponges here are large and so are the cabbage corals. Plenty of small reef fish inhabit the area, not to mention one or 2 medium sized napoleon wrasses and an occasional school of large bumpheads. There are also sightings here of 6 large eagle rays, probably the same school that hangs around Islang Walang Langaw, which is only 2 kilometers(less than a mile) away from this dive spot.

On the other side of the island is a reef that is mainly flat. On some points, the reef slopes on a ten to twenty degree angle. In one particular point, ledges can be seen, a natural stairway; and white tip reef sharks have been spotted in this area. There are large formations of the dangerous but beautiful fire corals. This side of the island faces the open sea and as such chances of seeing pelagic fishes are greater.

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