North Atoll - Amos Rock

Tubbataha, Palawan

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Dive North Atoll - Amos Rock

Ambiance Big Fishes Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The wall is wonderfully covered with huge gorgonian fans and whip corals and if there is some current this place is just packed with large fish! Here you can see so many sharks you'll give up on counting, mostly white tip reef sharks and gray reef sharks. There are also plenty of mackerels, snappers, some large groupers, several Napoleons, all of them moving in the current - a wild ride!

Around this area is also possible doing night dives. This area is awesome at night: you can find a lot of nudibranchs, adn other macro critters like some like the huge Pleurobranchus forskali (ca. 30cm!) or the rare Atagema (Trippa) intecta. There are also a lot of lobsters, large crabs, and some shy twinspot lionfish. Check the current before diving here!

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