Coron Island Fishing Boat

Busuanga Island, Calamian Group

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Located a few hundred meters south-west of the bay entrance to the Barracuda Lake, exactly between Limaa Point and Balolo Point at the north-west coast of Coron Island there is a fishing boat wreck. Here you find some areas for diving and snorkeling with beautiful rocks and sandy coves. Most of the areas consist of shallow coral gardens, one with a limestone column that peeks out of the water with a height of several meters. At the opposite side of the island tip are the remains of an old wooden ship, 35 m (115ft) long, that lies down to a depth of 12m (39ft). This is an ideal location for photographing. The wreck itself is covered with sponges, chromodoris sea slugs, starfish, angelfish, batfish, damselfish, shoals of young fish and barracudas. Very good for beginners and also for night diving.

Its conditions are calm shallow water almost without currents. Visual Range between 10m (33ft) and 25m (82ft).

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