Dive in El Quseir

    Akassia Housereef El Quseir, Egypt

    Erg Malik El Quseir, Egypt

    Maheleg El Quseir, Egypt


    Mangrove Bay Housereef El Quseir, Egypt

    Pharao Housereef El Quseir, Egypt

    Houserif of the Pharao Dive Club in El Quseir.It¥s a very nice and friendly scuba base.

    Serib Kebir El Quseir, Egypt

    Shaab El Kenz El Quseir, Egypt

    Only possible by Zodiak of the Sub Aqua Dive Center Utopia Beach.Every dive with guide.Maximum 5 divers per guide, one dive in the morning and one in the afternoon.Minimum: 20 logged dives.Sometimes big fishes (sharks, manta ray..), turtles.Many, many small fishes, great coral garden.

    Shaab Rahma El Quseir, Egypt

    Diving from shore: You walk above the reef top (~50m), then you come to a hole in the reef top. This is where the dive begins! You must dive through a few caves (~7-10min), then you come to the outer reef.In the caves sometimes bad visibility, but there is a rope for orientation (you need it!). Only…

    Sharm el Bahari El Quseir, Egypt

    Sharm Fugani El Quseir, Egypt

    Torfa Tany El Quseir, Egypt

    If you`re lucky, you can see a dugon!

    Utopia Bay El Quseir, Egypt

    Dive Map

    Erg Monika El Quseir, Egypt

    Erg Monika is an Off Shore Coral Reef.Moorings are on the southwest side of the reef although there is not much protection against the waveshere in bad weather.From the boat jump in and head down to the bottom approx 30m/100ft which is mainly sand with smallcoral clumps making ideal hiding places…
    Abu Hamra dive map

    Abu Hamra El Quseir, Egypt

    This dive site is just to the north of El Hamrawen an old mining town ,north of El Quseir. It is great forthe macro photographer, but it can be a rough entry if strong winds and large waves come from thenorth. There is a rope entry that is located just to the north of the dive set up area, within…
    Serib Soraya Dive Map

    Serib Soraya El Quseir, Egypt

    Serib Soraya is around 10km to the south of El Quseir town. This is a great little dive site within easyreach of town for both shore and boat diving. Entry is a short walk over the flat reef top. Step intothe water where the depth is around 5metres. Here the bottom slopes away to 20metres where…
    Marsa Waleed Dive Map

    Marsa Waleed El Quseir, Egypt

    This is a great dive site for all levels of divers who are able to do at least a 45 minute dive. The canyonout to the main reef is quite long, often taking up to 10 minutes one way, but a very rewarding reefawaits you at the other end! By far one of the best shore dives in calm conditions, however…
    Crocodile Fish by Pharaoh Dive Club

    Abu Sauatir El Quseir, Egypt

    Easy shore entry with gently sloping sandy area in the middle and stunning coral reefs on either side. Huge variety of fish life from the sand dwelling crocodile fish, blue spotted rays and flounders to magical groups of Indian Mackrel and Squid free swimming in the bay. Closer to the reef clownfish…

    Cathedral El Quseir, Egypt

    This is not one for the novice diver as it is a fully enclosed cavern for much of the dive, with no direct access to the surface.There is a guide rope inside the start of the caverns to help guide you through the passages, but this dive site is not recommended without an experienced guide as it is…

    Omu Sukan El Quseir, Egypt

    From El Quseir harbour head north for only 10-15mins before arriving at Omu Sukan.Drop in and head down the wall to around 18m. Usually if there is any current it will be running north to south, so with the reef on your right shoulder start drifting south. For those with Advanced certifications drop…

    Barracuda Bay El Quseir, Egypt

    A beautiful bay offering a wall of pristine coral to a sandy bottom with numerous pinnacles and a coral garden from one headland. Entry if from either a Zodiac or our Speed Boat and the dive plan is to follow the reef and exit at the shore. If air consumption permits ending the dive in the small…