Abu Hamra

El Quseir, Egypt

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Dive Abu Hamra

Ambiance Reef

This dive site is just to the north of El Hamrawen an old mining town ,north of El Quseir. It is great for
the macro photographer, but it can be a rough entry if strong winds and large waves come from the
north. There is a rope entry that is located just to the north of the dive set up area, within the sandy bay
entry or if the weather is calm you can enter over the reef top. From the entry point you have a cavern
and swim throughs which open up onto large pinnacles varying in height from 10 to 15 meters, in a
depth of around 25 meters. Here the sandy floor slopes down gradually into the blue with many small
clusters of rock and coral formations all teaming with small life and many nudibranchs to the observant
Turtles can often be seen swimming by and Moray eels hide amongst the corals.
This dive site is very easy to navigate through with or without a compass.

  • Abu Hamra dive map

    Abu Hamra dive map

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