Omu Sukan

El Quseir, Egypt

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Dive Omu Sukan

Shoal Reef Drift Wall

From El Quseir harbour head north for only 10-15mins before arriving at Omu Sukan.
Drop in and head down the wall to around 18m. Usually if there is any current it will be running north to south, so with the reef on your right shoulder start drifting south. For those with Advanced certifications drop down deeper to around 30-40m where there is a great overhang with the occasional whitetip reef shark. Keep an eye out for the family of Eagle rays that live around here as they are usually quite inquisitive. As you drift south the contour of the reef changes from steep wall to beautiful undulating coral gardens. Spend time here amongst the pinnacles around 10-15m, you will find morays and bluespotted rays as well as many different goby’s and blennies. This is a great dive site for both Macro and Wide angle photography.

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