Dive in Algarve

    Caves of Atalaya

    The Caves of Atalaia Algarve, Portugal

    The Cathedral - A wide entrance, open at low tide on the surface, leads us into a huge cave, the ceiling about 15m above the water surface. Even on the surface we see fantastic formations of stalactites and stalagmites, the water surface is illuminated with diffuse natural light from the cave…

    Torvore "vapor 19" Algarve, Portugal

    The Norwegian steamer with a length of 80m and weight 1800 tons was attacked off the coast of Sagres during the first World War by the famous U-boat U35 in April 1917. After the entire crew has left the ship they attached dynamite and sunk the ship. It now lies on a sandy bottom, parallel to the…

    Kaolack / Vapor das Peles Algarve, Portugal

    The steam ship navigating under the French flag has sunken in July 1948 near the lighthouse at Cape St. Vincent on a sandy ground. Because the wreck is during the winter months, sometimes exposed to strong currents and storms, and after the war with government approval some metal was removed, it is…
    Garden of Atalaia

    Garden of Atalaia Algarve, Portugal

    The eastern edge of the cliff of Atalaia, here meets the natural rock wall with the concrete pier of the port. The wall and the concrete blocks of the pier offer protection and are breeding and feeding ground of many species of marine life. At this place you can see the variety of colourful flora…
    The Ships

    Ocean Revival Park Algarve, Portugal

    At PortimãoA great place to dive at Algarve/Portugal is the Ocean Revival ParkThe OceanRevival Project is born with the objective to promote the underwater tourism in the region by creating an exceptional diving destination.For the first time, four vessels connected by a common history were…

    Mareta Algarve, Portugal

    The Site is in between the western edge of the cliff of Atalaia and the beach of Mareta. The bottom consists of a mixture of sand, small stones and large boulders, which extend to just below the water surface. The site is one of the best protected areas, in relation to the different sea conditions…
    Shadow Canyon -

    Shadow Canyon - "Ponta dos… Algarve, Portugal

    "The lightshow." At the far end of the bay of Martinhal is the unique rock formation. Two parallel tunnels connect the inner rock with the outer rocks, interrupted by a natural rock pillar and over our heads the light shines trough the surface from both sides. The rocky ground promises good…
    anchoras map

    2 Anchors 2 Anchors, Portugal

    Martinhal Islands

    Martinhal Islands Algarve, Portugal

    "Explosion of the marine life", this dive site impresses of its variety of underwater flora and fauna. Maybe privileged by new laws of the natural park, or simply based on the unique geographical situation of the island formation.The island group, also breeding grounds of various Seabirds, consists…

    Nordsoen Algarve, Portugal

    The Danish steam ship with a cargo of herring in barrels was sunk during the first World War by the German submarine U35. The ship, in flames, got stucked with part of the hull above the waterline close to the cliff. For that reason at a later date the ship was blown up with charges of dynamite into…

    Castillo Moncada Algarve, Portugal

    Originally under the Greek flag, the freighter named "Lena" was torpedoed by a U-boat during the Spanish Civil War in 1938, and dragged over to the port of Barcelona. Inside the port in 1939, bombed from the air and sunken, it was repaired, baptized to the name "Castillo Moncada" and taken into…

    Armacao de Pera Armacao de Pera, Portugal

    Arriefes Arriefes, Portugal


    Marinha Beach Marinha Beach, Portugal

    Pedra da Gaivota Pedra da Gaivota, Portugal

    nice coral reef, easy to dive

    Pedra do Alto Pedra do Alto, Portugal

    Nice and easy dive site

    Virginia Rock Virginia Rock, Portugal