Algarve, Portugal

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Dive Mareta

Ambiance Reef

The Site is in between the western edge of the cliff of Atalaia and the beach of Mareta. The bottom consists of a mixture of sand, small stones and large boulders, which extend to just below the water surface. The site is one of the best protected areas, in relation to the different sea conditions in the region. Perhaps for this reason we can find in just one dive so many different species. The sandy bottom, the depth varies only slightly and allows an easy orientation for a relaxing dive. Always something new to discover hidden in the rocks, holes and gullies where we can observe octopus, conger eel, moray eels, spider crabs, cuttlefish, rays, scorpion fish, sea bass, sea bream, sea slugs, soft coral, anemones and much more. A popular dive site for many u/w photographers.

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