Castillo Moncada

Algarve, Portugal

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Dive Castillo Moncada


Originally under the Greek flag, the freighter named "Lena" was torpedoed by a U-boat during the Spanish Civil War in 1938, and dragged over to the port of Barcelona. Inside the port in 1939, bombed from the air and sunken, it was repaired, baptized to the name "Castillo Moncada" and taken into operation by the state company "Elcano". Now under the Spanish flag heir tragic destiny ended in rough seas on March 1951 at the coast of Sagres. The ship rammed a large rock near the coast, has broken into two parts, and finally sunken irreversible. Due to the wreck is very near to the coast near the ship is a repeatedly exposed to heavy sea and today already quite destroyed.
During the dive, we can visit the boilers and large parts of the body which are spread at an area of approximately 200m, at a depth between 8m to 18m. At the shallow depth, it is a simple but attractive dive, the place is populated with a lot of marine life as conger eels, moray eels, octopus, spider crabs, anemones, shoals of fish and much more.

  • "Castillo Moncada"

  • "Castillo Moncada"

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