Ocean Revival Park

Algarve, Portugal

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At Portimão
A great place to dive at Algarve/Portugal is the Ocean Revival Park

The Ocean Revival Project is born with the objective to promote the underwater tourism in the region by creating an exceptional diving destination.
For the first time, four vessels connected by a common history were deliberately sunk in the same place.
The four warships, representative of a Navy Fleet, form the largest single artificial reef structure in the world with the ideal conditions for the proliferation of marine life.

Marked by buoys the Ocean Revival reef consisted of four decommissioned vessels from the Portuguese Navy fleet that will serve as artificial reefs.

The ZambezeOcean Patrol (292 tons, 44 meters long and 8 breadth).
The Oliveira e Carmo Corvette (1430 tons, 85 meters long e 12 breadth).
The Almeida Carvalho Hydrographic ship (1320 tons, 64 meters long and 12 breadth).
The Hermenegildo Capelo Frigate (2.700 tons, 102 meters long and 12 breadth).

In accordance with OSPAR Convention rules, the ships are cleaned of all environmentally hazardous materials or dangerous for divers. This preparation is being done with the help of Canadian Artificial Reef Trading Consultant (CARC), that accounts for more than 23 Navy vessels deliberate immersions around the world.

See you soon frends.

  • First dive at Oliveira e Carmo

    First dive at Oliveira e Carmo
  • The Ships

    The Ships

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