Shadow Canyon - "Ponta dos Caminhos"

Algarve, Portugal

"The lightshow." At the far end of the bay of Martinhal is the unique rock formation. Two parallel tunnels connect the inner rock with the outer rocks, interrupted by a natural rock pillar and over our heads the light shines trough the surface from both sides. The rocky ground promises good visibility. We discover in the canyons shrimp, grouper, conger eels and moray eels. The place is breathtaking with its unique U/W landscape, changes between light and shade swimming through the tunnels or around big rocks. Little depth, good visibility and a wonderful landscape make this spot a favourite dive site for many divers.
Also an excellent dive site for the U/W photography with wide angle lens because of the flora, fauna and lighting effects.

  • Shadow Canyon - "Ponta dos Caminhos"

    Shadow Canyon -

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