Dive in Sulawesi

    Angel Window Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Angel Window is one of the most popular of the Lembeh island sites, this is a twin-peaked pinnacle that comes within a meter of the surface. A large cave offers a swim-through for divers on the deep end of the pinnacle, from 24 metres down to 32 metres in depth. One side is a Coral slope leveling…

    Nudi Retreat Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    The most heavily-dived site in the strait, this is a lovely Coral amphitheater in the shallows. It turns into a sand slope with encrusted boulders down below and two walls stretching out to either side sporting healthy soft Coral growth right up to only 2 metres in depth. The prime attraction here…

    Jari-Jari Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A continuation of the more popular Jahir, this is a wide expanse of shallow sand littered with Sponges and small bommies. This site has a steep sand slope leading down to an excellent cleaning station occupying a single large rock down at 26 metres. Though not as crowded with critters in comparison…

    Tanjung Kubur Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A newer site also known as Cemetery Point, this is another sand slope with large healthy bommies to the South and excellent Coral gardens to the North. There have been Rhinopias, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses and Halimeda Ghost Pipefish seen here.

    Tasik Ria- Mandarin fish Manado, Indonesia

    This is a Dusk dive to see the amazing mandarin fish mating. They hide in a coral, and exactly when the sun sets, the mandarin fishes, both male and female, swim out of it and proceed with a mating "dance". Even though it's on the coast of Manado, it still belongs to the Bunaken Marine Park.

    Tasik Ria House Reef Manado, Indonesia

    Tasik Ria house reefis an amazing tester for what Lembeh is. It's the perfect place to check if a diver is made for mock diving, and enjoys this kind of dive. Even though it's on the coast of Manado, it still belongs to the Bunaken Marine Park. It has a coral garden at 5m, and it slopes down in a…

    Alung Banua Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall with many cracks and crevices and interesting small caves. Sheltered from waves and currents. Here you can find mainly reef fishes and many shrimp gobies, scorpion fish and large school of black snappers. It is also tipycal to find nudibranches among the hard and soft coral.

    Bango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope with outstanding soft corals

    Barracuda point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Great wall and huge blackfin barracudas shoals, , jacks, tunas and occasionally grey sharks and hammerhead sharks.

    Batu Kapal Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a huge underwater pinnacle divided from the reef by a deep canyon. The interesting part of this dive starts at 40m deep; it is for very advanced divers ONLY. The caves are near 60m deep.The reef around is also nice, some dolphins or pilot whales may be seen.

    Bunaken Fukui Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    At this dive site you can practically always see a large group of mackerels and batfish but also sometimes barracudas and shark. Coral cover is not so nice, specially around the 5 giant tridacna shells (giant clams) it is badly broken, but it is still a very nice place to dive because of the large…

    Bunaken Timur 1 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps with many cracks and small caves. Reef slightly damaged in some parts. It is a good area for snorkelling. Here you can find many soft coral and black coral, gorgonians and the typical reef fishes.

    Bunaken Timur 2 Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of the vertical wall in Bunaken Timur 1, with similar ecosystem.

    Cela Cela Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a vertical wall, with many cracks and crevices. Very sheltered from waves and currents. It makes it for a good night dive. Here you can find many different shapes of hard and soft corals as well as feather stars and the common reef fishes, like butterfly and parrotfish. Ocassionaly you can…

    Critter Circus Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sandy area with coral blocks and artificial structures. This is a very rich marine life including squids, Mandarin dragonets, Black Harlequin ghostfishes, etc.

    Dalton Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Fukui Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope completely covered with foliose and branching hard corals. You can also find many giant barrel sponges and giant clams. Here there are many schooling fishes like spadefish, black snappers, black fin barracuda, trevally, sweet lips, large trigger fishes and garden eels on the bottom. Some claim…

    Gorango Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Wall with many cracks and canyons. Reef flat exposed to waves adn currents (Beware of strong currents). There is huge massive corals. Typical reef life can be seen as well as schools of bumphead parrotfish and napoleon wrasse.

    Jalan Masuk Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Very wide and beautiful reef flat populated with hard corals, ending in a wall in a large step. Often very strong currents. Easy to encounter bluespotted stingrays, trevally and schools of bumphead parrotfish.

    Lekuan I Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents, so it usually is a good drift dive. It's shelteref from waves. Along this wall is easy to find many huge schools of plankton feeders: fusilliers, butterfly fishes, banner fishes and damsel fishes. The corals in this…

    Lekuan II Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Continuation of Lekuan I:same vertical winding walls with cracks and canyons on it. Thre's often strong currents (beware: some of them are downward currents!!), so it usually is a good drift dive. In this side of the wall it's easy to find angelfishes, red tooth trigger fish, and a school of black…

    Lekuan III Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    It continues the wall, but in this side there are some caves and a sandy bottom. Here it's easy to encounter black tips and white tip reef sharks, as well as barracudas, napoleon wrasse and turtles.

    Mandolin Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps with small caves down depper. The reef on top is very interesting and varied. Beware that there is often strong currents, what makes it a perfect drift dive with turtles, shark, eagle ray, fusilier, moray eels etc. Here is easy to find black coral, large gorgonian fans,…

    Mike's Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall shaped like an anphiteather. The reef top is exposed to waves. You can find huge boulder corals, black corals, giant gorgonians and sponges, as well as many reef fishes. It's possible to encounter white tip sharks, giant trevallys, eagle rays and occasionally very large silver tip…

    Molas Wreck Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sunk February 22, 1942. Approx 60m long. Prbably a Dutch merchandiser vessel.

    Muka Gereja Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Scenic vertical winding wall with many vertical cracks and canyons and small caves. It has a wonderfull reef top with huge table corals. It is a very good spot for snorkelling. The reef is populated by the typical reef fishes, like anemone fishes, and parrotfishes. Sometimes you can find white tip…

    Muka Kampung Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a steep slope with many vertical cracks and canyons. As often there is strong currents, so is best to drift the dive. Here is possible to encounter eagle ray, stingray and thousands of butterfly fish among a great variety of reef fishes. Small pigmy seahorses had been found hanging in the…

    Negri Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical windind wall with many vertical cracks, canyons and small caves. Sheltered reef top with many branching corals. You can find the typical reef life: Butterfly fish, angelfish, parrotfish as well as nudibranches. Occasionally turtles can be seen and batfishes.

    Pangalisang Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Panggulingan Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sanndy slope with large rocks and coral formations. Often very strong current with possible downward currents. Many whip corals, soft corals and spounges as well as many big schools of fusiliers and banner fish. Occasionally you can see a very large school of black fin barracuda. Giant and big eye…

    Raymond Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    This is a vertical wall with one large cave. There is an interesting reef top, although it was damaged by a storm in 1996. Beware there is often strong currents. Here you can find a forest of whip corals along the wall and many species of hard and soft corals. Looking into the cracks is easy to find…

    Siladen Housereef Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Housereef of Siladen Resort.

    Siladen Pier Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Nice spot for blue ring octopus (or so we were told).

    Siladen Timur Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical wall in large steps. Spectacular reeftop with a huge variety of hard and soft corals, and many reef fishes like groupers, parrotfish, morray eels, ribbon eels and a variety of anemone fishes. Green turtles have been spotted.

    Siladen Utara Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat with sand and gravel. It looks like a short of river bed modeled by currents and waves, with huge massive corals. Beware the strong currents. Here there is a great variety of sea slugs, lobsters and mantis shrimp. Great place for macro photographers.

    Tangkasi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Starting from a sandy slope, then moving to a wall. nice corals and soft corals. Many sea fans and barrels sponges.

    Tanjun Parigi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical winding wall with reef top exposed to waves, quite damaged in some points. Here you can find barrel sponges, black corals, gorgonians and sea fans. You can spot a school of surgeon fishes, rabbit fish and parrotfish. Occasionally you can see giant trevally and other pelagic fishes.

    Tanjung Kopi Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat mildly sloping to 15 to 20 meters depth. After 20m you can find a deep vertical wall with caves. Beware there is often strong currents, and possible upward and downward current. On the reef flat you can find coral head bommies. It is easy to see schools of bat fishes, emperor fishes,…

    Tanjung Tihowo Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sandy area with coral boulders; there is also a small wooden wreck at about 24m.

    Tenga Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Tanjung Pisok Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Reef flat sloping to 15 - 20m depth. Very rich wall in large steps. Easy to find different kind of nudibranches and unusual green tricorals. As a rarity there is a high concentration of blue ribbon eels.

    Sachiko's Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Vertical well with caves in the deeper parts and large massive corals in reef top. It is very exposed to waves. There are many huge schools of plancton feeders: Fusiliers, butterfly fishes, banner fishes, damsel fishes, wrasses, angel fishes, etc.And glass fishes in a shallow cave. Sometimes inside…

    Air Prang Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Air Prang is probably one of the most interesting sites at Lembeh Strait. The name literally means 'War Water', referring to the jetty offering fresh water from an uphill aquifer, exploited by the Japanese during WW2. This is an expansive shallow sand slope, more popular for night diving, especially…

    Batu Kapal Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    These are a set of pinnacles off the Northern tip of Lembeh Island. This is the best big fish dive in North Sulawesi, but severe multi-directional currents prevent all but only the most experienced divers from venturing here. The density of schooling fish is staggering, with larger species such as…

    Bimoli wreck Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is a Japanese WW2 wreck lying in front of what is now the Bimoli cooking oil factory. It was at anchor carrying munitions when it was blown up by torpedoes launched by an attacking US submarine (the USS Swordfish), causing the munitions to blow the aft end completely apart, which now is a pile…

    California Dreaming Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A stunning site. This is a seamount out from the island of Pulau Putus. Twin peaks with a rubble/sand flat in between, the shallows are good for giant Frogfish and Boxer Crabs and there is a busy cleaning station which offers much to see, including Leaf Scorpionfishes. The Coral slopes down on both…

    Divers Loge Lembeh House Reef Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    The main attraction at the House Reef of Divers Lodge Lembeh is a area with a lot of coral debris in a depth of about 6m which is inhabited by a large number of Mandarin fish. They are most active during dawn.On the deeper parts of the reef there are also other interesting animals like ornate…

    Mawali Wreck Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is the most popular wreck in the strait, this huge 70 metres long WW2 Japanese freighter lies on her side between 17-30 metres depth and offers a Coral-encrusted oasis.. It was scuttled and sank by USS aircraft in 1944. The Malawi now lies on its port side between 15 to 30 m deep.This is an…

    Nudifalls Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Nudi Falls is one of the best known sites at Lembeh Strait. One of the three most-dived sites (along with Nudi Retreat & Hairball), a colourful sheer miniwall with a rock pile below, then a sand slope, leveling out into the main channel of rubble sprouting a forest of large soft Corals. Scenically…

    Pantai Parigi Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Pantai Parigi is something different, this site has a healthy reef in the shallows, then a gentle white sand slope that is a good alternative to the predominantly black sand elsewhere along the strait. A superlative location for small Crustaceans, especially commensal species (commensalism is a…

    Pulau Putus Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Inside a bay is a beautiful Coral and sponge garden in sheltered conditions. It offers a steep reef with good visibility. Nice corals, rare critters, and also some cleaning stations. The scenery itself is the highlight, though larger Rays (Devil and Eagle Rays) are seen from time to time, together…

    Serena Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Serena didn't look very promising at first, but we were able to observe a blue ring octopus for quite a while and spotted some frog fish, cuttle fish and robust ghost pipe fish too.

    Tanduk Russa Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Tanduk Russa is a typical Lembeh Strait dive site, where you dive on black sand and search for strange critters.

    AW Shucks Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Next to a pearl farm, this site has a verdant mix of Coral and sponge growth in the shallows with a sand slope below along with a large section of weed/rubble. The shallows offer such finds as Leaf Scorpionfishes, Cuttlefishes and a good Nudibranch selection, with the sand slope often hosting…

    Hairball 1 Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is the most famous of the muck sites and deservedly so. The (only) sand slope here can be exceptionally productive. The position on a point means that the mix of currents brings more nutrients than on most other nearby sites.In the cooler summer season, the shallows can be covered with cotton…

    Hairball 2 Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Right around the corner but usually not as rich as Hairball 1, this is very popular as an alternative when Hairball 1 is overcrowded. This is another sand slope, good for Octopuses, Seahorses and the like. A few Coral bommies in the shallows often harbour Frogfishes.

    Teluk Kembahu 1 (or TK1) Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Named after the village in the bay is another gentle black sand slope with a great chance of seeing many different critters in shallow, easy conditions. There are low Coral patches below 12 metres and small bommies in the shallows separated by the sand slope. There are usually giant Frogfishes in…

    Teluk Kembahu 2 (or TK2) Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is a continuation of the same terrain and critters as TK1. Some of the dive sites in Lembeh can be hot one month and seem empty the next, but on these two sites there is always happy hunting with plenty to see. This is prime Weedy Scorpionfish (Rhinopias frondosa) territory as well, with…

    Teluk Kembahu 3 (or TK3) Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is a featureless gradual sand slope that is probably the best location in the strait for the sought-after Mimic Octopus as well hosting a wide variety of other Octopus species including the fabled Blueringed Octopus. This is also the best site for the rare Ambon Scorpionfish, which is the…

    Retak Larry (Larry's Crack) Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Another sand site, but with a small stand of healthy Coral in the shallows. This popular site along with Hairball 1 and the TK 1/2 area has good variety and number of different species like Frogfish, Ambon Scorpionfish, cockatoo Flounder, Seahorse and the filamented ghost Pipefish (in season). It is…

    Slow Poke Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A seldom-dived site between the more popular Retak Larry and Magic Crack, this gentle sand slope has some rubble, which can be productive and a single bommie that at times boasts numerous Ornate Ghost Pipefishes. For those who move slowly and are observant, Seahorses, Devilfishes, Mimic Octopuses…

    Magic Crack Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A continuance of the gentle sand slope, the highlight of this dive is a Coral and rubble patch stretching from 12-27 metres and is the best place in Lembeh to find Thorny Seahorses. There is a busy cleaning station, a strong Nudibranch representation, Ribbon Eels, Ghost Pipefish and also a good spot…

    Magic Rock Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This used to be merely a single bommie with exceptional critter numbers, keeping divers glued on this one rock for an entire dive. But El Niño caused water temperatures to rise which killed or drove off the life on that Coral head, which never recovered. Now divers head out over a sand plain,…

    Makawide Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Excellent Coral growth in the shallows spilling down a wall towards the main channel of the strait. On the silty slope below the wall rise a few rocky pinnacles, from 26 up to 15 metres, covered in a rich array of life. This is an excellent site for Pygmy Seahorses and Nudibranchs with very good…

    Jahir Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    The most popular muck site along with Hairball 1, this is just another sand and gravel slope with some rope sponge growth and a few Coral outcrops in the shallows. Highlights here are Frogfish species, especially the fabled Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus), lots of purple heart Urchins, home to…

    Police Pier 1 & 2 Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Like Nudi Falls, photographers keep complaining that the biggest danger on these sites is running out of film or disk space. This is a rubble slope with small Coral outcroppings, leveling out into a sand flat with Rope Sponge gardens. Banggai Cardinal fishes, Barramundis (Lates calcarifer), Thorny…

    Pantai Kecil Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Next to the Police Pier site is a small beach, thus the name. This is a rubble/sand slope with many Coral bommies and is similar to Police Pier in critters found.

    Rina Wreck Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    An upright fishing boat wreck only just over a decade underwater, it is not very overgrown yet, but offers an attractive dive. The drawbacks are that it is hard to find and being almost mid-channel, is subjected to strong currents.

    Napo Bronsel Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A broad seamound forming a shallow plateau just offshore of the village of Tanduk Rusa (Deer Antler), this site has damage and garbage owing to being in front of an inhabited stretch of coastline. Still, there is a vibrant cleaning station and some good critter-hunting to be done, with various…

    Madidir Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A southern muck site, this is a shallow (2-3m) sand flat leading to a slope down to 20 metres and more, all sand. A bit different from muck sites within the strait, it is hit-and-miss here, but there can be an exceptional variety of Fire and Lionfishes, Pipefishes and lots of juvenile species. If…

    Goby A'Crab Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Another site offering excellent Coral growth in the shallows were you can find Mantis Shrimps and Crabeyed Gobys. Below is a sand slope with a variety of muck species. This is a site which always gets glowing reviews from divers.

    Kapal Baru Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Recently sunk (the name Kapal Barumeans new boat) this is a fishing boat that caught fire and was towed away from the harbour into a shallow bay to sink when the flames could not be extinguished. Lying on its side in less than 15 metres of water, it often offers Ghost Pipefishes and other…

    Kapal Indah Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Kapal Indah (beautiful boat) is an upright fishing boat of about 45 metres long that sits in a shallow (max. 26 metres) bay out of the main current stream. The wreck has been down for 40+ years so is covered in Coral life; a great spot for finding Black Coral Crabs on sea Whips and Crinoid critters.…

    Pulau Abadi Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A Coral slope with many giant sea Fans and an abundance of fish life. This site has surprisingly good Coral with amazing colours. It is an excellent spot for locating the beautiful Pygmy Seahorses, Xeno Crabs (Xenocarcinus conicus/tuberculatus), Crabeyed Gobys and Mantis Shrimps.

    Critter Hunt Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    There's a rubble slope, some healthy Coral growth and a wall to dive here. No distinct highlights other than Banggai Cardinal fish, but like the name suggests, a wide variety of critters can be spotted; Pipefish, Eels, Cuttlefish, Crustaceans, Seahorses, Decorator Crabs, Devilfish and from time to…

    Serena west Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Also seldom dived, but there are huge Barrel Sponges hosting Squat Lobster (Laureia siagiani) on this Coral and rubble slope as well as numerous Mandarin fish in the finger Corals in the shallows. There can be a decent variety of critters like Frogfishes, Pipefishes, Gobies, Crustaceans etc., but…

    Serena North Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    There is superb Coral growth in this area, but a lower density of critters on show translates to few divers knowing about this site.

    Pintu Kota or Seagrass Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A degraded Coral/rubble slope with much Halimeda Algae. It isn't scenic and usually suffers from low visibility, but this site is good for the seldom-seen Halimeda Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus halimeda). It is also notable for other Pipefish species, Nudibranchs and Frogfishes.

    Pintu Colada Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A ridgeline of healthy Coral that offers decent snorkeling and for divers a busy cleaning station and a variety of critters.

    Tanjung Tebal Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This stunning area offers huge boulders, creating canyons and shelves which stretch well out into the strait down past 50 metres in depth. Nudibranch (Nembrotha purpureolineata) by Jim LyleStrong currents are usually found here, demanding planning for slack tide, but the currents result in the fact…

    Batu Sandar Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Or leaning rock in Malay is one of the very best snorkeling sites in the strait. This is a finger of Coral which extends out into the strait down to 20 metres on a sand slope. Sheltered shallows have superlative Coral and sponge growth and sand flats with large Coral bommies.

    Batu Merah Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Or red rock in Malay is a site that offers two dives: a rich Coral slope or a steep sand slope with Coral bommies. A cleaning station at 24 metres is a focal point, but there is a wide array of Nudibranch, Pipefish, Crustacean and Cephalopod species.

    Kainah's Treasure Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    This is a rocky, Coral slope; one of the best places for Nudibranchs in the strait!

    Jiko Yansi Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    A scenic wall dive, filled with beautiful soft Corals, sea Fans and Sponges. This is a good spot for Pygmy Seahorses, Candy Crabs and other small finds.

    Dante's Wall Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Starting on a sand/Coral slope, a massive sheer rock wall starts and as you drift along it the bottom gets deeper and deeper as you near the Northern tip of Lembeh Island. There are schooling reef fish and interesting finds to be discovered along this spectacular drop.

    Batu Angus Pulau Lembeh, Indonesia

    Is the site of an old lava flow, hence the name, which literally means burnt rock. This shallow site of around 10 metres deep and about 50 metres across is visited at sunset to see the colourful Mandarin fish mating! There are regular sightings of the Blue ringed Octopus at this beautiful tranquil…

    Prince John Housereef Donggala, Indonesia


    B24 Liberator Togian Islands, Indonesia

    The B24 Liberator wreck lies on flat sandy ground in depth of about 22m on the south coast of the Togian islands. Since there are a lot of Mangroves close by, the visibility is usually quite bad.The airplane wreck ist still in very good shape and almost completely intact. In the cockpit you can see…

    Pasir Tengah Atoll Togian Islands, Indonesia


    Una Una - Apollo Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Napoleons, schools of blacktail barracuda, barrel sponges...

    Una Una - The Pinnacle Togian Islands, Indonesia

    Massive hard corals, great sponges, turtles and eagle rays...Usually you can see big shoals of Jacks at this site

    House reef Murex Bangka resort Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This bay is covered in hard and soft Coral with lots of Anemones and inhabitants. The flat reef continues in a sloping bottom, with Coral outcrops, down to a depth of 35 metres.Currents pick up when you go out of the seclusion of the bay and vary with the tide and weather conditions. Take a good…

    Batu Sahaung Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Only 10 minutes by boat this site consists of a series of large underwater pinnacles that break the surface. The current can be strong and visibility is around 15 metres. The depth is between 5 and 40 metres. There is so much marine life and an abundance of soft Corals; you will need to dive this…

    Lagoon Sahaung Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Here you will find a beautiful soft Coral garden which slopes down to 30m. There are small walls covered in all kind of coloured Corals. You will see all kinds of small reef fish and there is a good possibility to spot the Mandarin fish.

    Tanjung Toto Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    On the surface there are two small rocky pinnacles rising up from the sea. The bottom is full with Coral covered rock slabs and patches of hard Coral on a white sandy bottom. The depth is around 20 to 35 metres and currents vary. Again lots of marine life like Trevallies, Scorpionfishes and Moray…

    Batu Gosoh Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    The wall drops of to 45m with vertical cracks, caves and pinnacles rising up from the bottom. Currents can be strong with a visibility between 20 and 30 metres. Here you can see schools of Batfish, Bannerfish, Butterfly fish, Sweetlips and red-tooth Triggerfish. Look out in the blue and you might…

    Tanjung Arus (Talise Island) Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This is the most northern part of the island (45 minute by boat from the resort) and may be an advanced site dependent on the current. The site, with a variety of soft and hard Corals that drops off to 30m and more, has an amazing cave. Small fish like Scorpion leaf fish, and bigger animals like…

    Talise Pinnacle (Talise… Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Just around the corner you will find this site with a beautiful Coral garden. The maximum depth is 30m. Currents vary from mild to strong and the visibility is around 20 metres. Lots of different Nudibranch species around here and the occasional sea Snake may swim by.

    Air Banua (Talise Island) Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This is a wall covered in soft Coral and beautiful Gorgonians and drops down to 30m and more. Variation of marine life from the big Napoleon Wrasses to the smaller animals like the Ghost Pipefish.

    Lehaga islands Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This is a garden full with soft and hard Corals which slopes down to 25m. Currents depend on tide and weather condition and can be strong. There are many different Anemones with their inhabitants and, when you dive early in the morning or at sunset, you may see the Mandarin fish. Search the bottom…

    Gangga islands Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This is a volcanic slope covered with soft and hard Corals and big Sponges. An abundance of small reef fish and special Pipefishes live around here.

    Pulisan Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Beautiful house reef that consists of rocks peaking out on the surface and a sloping white sandy bottom covered in patches of Corals and Sponges. The bottom slopes down to 25 metres with a visibility of 20m. There is an enormous variety of reef fish, Nudibranchs, Crustaceans and other marine…

    Batu Mandi Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    Great pinnacle dive with a sloping wall covered with soft Coral, Sponges and Sea Fans. The depth is between 5 and 30 metres with a visibility around 15 metres. Here you can find an abundance of macro life. Nudibranchs, Spanish dancers, giant Frogfishes, Cuttlefishes, and Blue ringed Octopuses are…

    Paradise jetty Pulau Bangka & Pulau Gangga, Indonesia

    This site, around the jetty, has a white sandy bottom which gradually slopes to a depth of 15m. Here you will find a variety of animals common for a 'muck dive'. You can see Frogfishes, Seahorses, leaf Scorpionfishes, Shrimps, various kinds of Moray Eels, Snake Eels, and with luck a Mimic Octopus.
    Coast Atoll Dive Site Gorontalo

    Coastal Atoll Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This atoll is located along the coastline. Waters inside the atoll ring rarely circulate. The jellyfish that live inside have fully functional stings! The atoll ring is usually too shallow for diving or snorkeling. Since the atoll faces into the heavy waves, its upper surface very rocky. A number of…
    Sand Channels Dive Site Gorontalo

    Sand Channels Gorontalo, Indonesia

    Narrow channels are cut in the reef crest above and filled with white sand. The sand spills down the wall. This dive site is one of the few in Gorontalo where divers can clearly see the bottom. It is is a slope of white sand mixed with coral. The coral wall begins at the surface and drops to about…
    Reef Crest at West Point Gorontalo

    West Point Gorontalo, Indonesia

    The reef flat of this large point is only a few meters deep. The portions of it that face into heavy waves are mostly rocky with minimal coral growth. Below the reef rim a slope of hard corals ends in a rocky flat at about 40 meters. The slope has various arms that shoot down from the reef flat.
    Halgerda Nudibranch at Sponge Wall

    Sponge Wall Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This dive site is another classic Gorontalo dive site that looks like no other. The first section of the wall is mostly overhang with shallow caverns decorated with masses of hanging rope sponge. The bottom slants deceptively downwards. Numerous large sand gobies live on the silt bottom. The rest of…
    Local Boat over White Point Dive Site

    White Point Gorontalo, Indonesia

    One of Gorontalo’s most visited sites, this submerged point attracts school of fish and pelagics. The point itself is below 30 meters and covered with white sand with only scattered hard corals. Because the visibility off this deep point is typically quite good, schools of large snappers can be…
    Crab eye Goby at Mystic Point Gorontalo

    Mystic Point Gorontalo, Indonesia

    A tall limestone cliff protects this site from heavy waves, so generations of fishermen have used this site to anchor their boats. This result is that the coral at shallow depths is not in great shape. But the white sand slope that descends from the upper coral bank is dotted with fascinating coral…
    Bonaparte Eel at Muck Dive Site Gorontalo

    Tambo'o Fish House Gorontalo, Indonesia

    Gorontalo’s most popular muck site is located just outside the mouth of the River. Visibility is affected by river water pulled or pushed by long shore currents. Sand here is mostly brown. A shallow sand flat starts at about three meters before a slope of sand begins. One big coral rock sits at a…
    Divers inspect Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck

    Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck Gorontalo, Indonesia

    The dredging barge Tjenderawashi was tethered for an escavation job. However, rains and massive night waves on 26 December 1993 sunk the barge. Workers tried to re-float it using thousands of barrels, to no avail. It currently rests along a steep slope, lodged firmly on four rocky outcroppings. It…
    Divers hover over Japanese Cargo Wreck

    Japanese Cargo Wreck Gorontalo, Indonesia

    A Japanese cargo vessel sunk in 1942 after catching fire. It now rests upside down just off the wall in 50 meters of water. Its propeller is within 26 meters of the ocean surface. Two-thirds of the hull leans on a rocky outcrop, falling at a 14-degree angle, until the hull buckles horizontally with…
    Harlequin Ghost Pipefish at Old Port Gorontalo

    Old Port Gorontalo, Indonesia

    No doubt the messiest dive site in Gorontalo, this location served as a port in the days before Indonesian independence. The steep sand and muck slope is strewn with trash from the village above. This reating many places for marine life to hide. A steep sand dune rises above the valley of trash.…
    Diver with Table Coral at Mirabella Gorontalo

    Mirabella Gorontalo, Indonesia

    Pinnacles rise along a steep slope of white sand and coral. The dive begins at a series of three large pinnacles that descend in a row. Various other pinnacles and promontories make for a continually changing landscape. Because this dive site is protected from heavy waves, table corals grow to over…
    Harlequin Shrimp at Swirling Steps Gorontalo

    Swirling Steps Gorontalo, Indonesia

    The formation of this submerged point is a series of steps. The first step is a shallow reef only a few meters deep. The final one in safe diving rage is at 25 meters and is very wide and long and stretches far out into deep water. The edge of this step is at 40 meters. Hard corals dominate this…
    Diver hovers over Cabbage Coral at Sunken Island

    Sunken Island Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This sea mount rises from a sandy bottom. Its edge closest to shore is as shallow as 15 meters, but the side facing the open ocean probably plunges below 40 meters. Its large flat top is at seven meters, which makes a perfect place to hover during safety stop time. The pinnacle is best above 16…
    Cavern View at Shadowlands Gorontalo

    Shadowlands Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This unique site rounds a cliff that faces the deep ocean. The shallow flat is at a depth of three to five meters. The wall starts only a few meters from the cliff overhead. Because of the angle at which the cliff pushes into the sea and the closeness of the mountain above it, the wall rarely…
    Longfin Dottyback at Honeycomb Gorontalo

    Honeycomb Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This dive site follows a submerged point that juts into the long shore current. The dramatic wall is covered in dense coral growth with a heavy sprinkling of large sponges. This includes Salvador Dali sponges found only in Gorontalo. This site features two collapsed caverns and a tunnel piercing one…
    Lioinfish in Sunburst at Traffic Circle Gorontalo

    Traffic Circle Gorontalo, Indonesia

    Located within Olele Village Marine Park, this is clearly the fishiest dive in Gorontalo. Hard coral coverage is over 80%. The site contains two ridges of coral that protrude into the long shore current. Schools of fish will gather at one or both of these locations, depending on how much plankton is…
    Juvenile Rockmover Wrasse at Traffic Jam

    Traffic Jam Gorontalo, Indonesia

    The coral along this spectacular wall is so dense that there is no room for additional parking. Several points jut into the long shore current. When the current is running, schools of fish gather along these point, creating a Gorontalo-style traffic jam.
    Salvador Dali Sponge in Jinn Caves Gorontalo

    Jinn Caves Gorontalo, Indonesia

    A gigantic cavern split at the top makes this a signature Gorontalo dive site. Inside the main cavern, there are numerous small caverns. Below 20 meters are two pinnacles.
    Cowfish at Fallen Rock Gorontalo

    Fallen Rock Gorontalo, Indonesia

    One of Gorontalo's dramatic wall dives, this site features gigantic sponges. Numerous cracks in the wall, some vertical and some diagonal, add to the beauty. The reef flat is only a few meters wide. Several gigantic boulders have fallen off the cliff and now rest of the reef flat.
    Helicopter Rock over Helicopter Bay

    Helicopter Bay Gorontalo, Indonesia

    This dive site gets its name from a rock formation on the cliff above that resembles a helicopter. An inlet penetrates about 65 meters into the wall. The inside walls feature a shallow cavern or two and beautiful Salvador Dali sponges, found only in Gorontalo. There is a unique double tunnel not yet…

    Cape Bira Bira, Indonesia

    Drop off in 25 m. Little coral growth due to strong currents at this site. There are usually white tips around, sometimes also Grey Reef Sharks. When the water is cold (July/August) there is also a chance to see hammerheads. This is no dive for beginners.

    Cornucopia Wakatobi, Indonesia

    Excellent dive. Gread wall full of corals.

    House Reef Wakatobi, Indonesia

    Crocodile Fish

    Mari Mabuk Wakatobi, Indonesia

    This is a long ridge running from 15 feet down to 80. It features huge sea fans, coral heads adorned in bright soft corals and feather stars blooming in the frequently swift current. The saddle that bridges the reef contains blue ribbon eels, leaf fish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, nudibranchs and…

    Roma Wakatobi, Indonesia

    Tanjung Patok Wakatobi, Indonesia