Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck

Gorontalo, Sulawesi

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Dive Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck


The dredging barge Tjenderawashi was tethered for an escavation job. However, rains and massive night waves on 26 December 1993 sunk the barge. Workers tried to re-float it using thousands of barrels, to no avail. It currently rests along a steep slope, lodged firmly on four rocky outcroppings. It is almost up side down and tilts at a 20-degree angle. Cables and numerous barrels, now enveloped in marine life, hang in midwater down its ocean-facing side. The barge peaks at 4 meters and bottoms out at 26 meters.

  • Divers inspect Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck

    Divers inspect Tjenderawashi Barge Wreck

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