Tanjung Kubur

Pulau Lembeh, Sulawesi

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Dive Tanjung Kubur


A newer site also known as Cemetery Point, this is another sand slope with large healthy bommies to the South and excellent Coral gardens to the North.
There have been Rhinopias, Pontohi Pygmy Seahorses and Halimeda Ghost Pipefish seen here.

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Suhendra September 18th, 2013 - 7:02:
Tanjung Kubur, Tanjung meaning corner and kubur is the cemetery. Tanjung kubur is nice site to do afternoon or evening dive. meaning either second dives or the third dives on the shallow part there is nice coral and it is slop white sandy bottom in the deep side. you can found here a seahorse, cuttlefish, frog fish, octopus, wonder pus and mimic octopus, moray eel, rebon eel, lion fish and a lot of other fishes. maximum deep in here is around 18-25 meters.

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