Dive in Malapascua


    Nunez Shoal Malapascua, Philippines

    A stunning wall dive, Nunez Shoal hosts a wide variety of life. As you approach the wall and drop off, look ahead into the sandy areas for groups of garden eels. As you drop over the wall, look out into the blue for pelagics such as eagle rays and sharks, and along the wall you can spot white eyed…

    Calanggaman Island Malapascua, Philippines

    Calanggaman Island is the picture postcard desert island, actually chosen from over 7,000 islands to grace the cover of Jens Peters - the definitive Philippines Travel Guide.Calangaman Island is palm trees and a pile of white sand surrounded by crystal clear water and steep walls dropping off into…
    Thresher Shark (by Evolution Divecenter)

    Monad Shoal/Shark Point Malapascua, Philippines

    Monad Shoal is an underwater island onthe edge of a 200m drop off, and is famous as the only place in theworld where thresher sharks can be seen everyday. This place has acleaning station for pelagic. Giant manta rays are also a common sightyear round. The shoal attracts other pelagics such as devil…

    Gato Island - The Cave Malapascua, Philippines

    This L shape cave is really great. The Cave, or more accurately, "The Tunnel". Journey underneath Gato Island and come out the other side! This 30m tunnel houses all the usual cave dwellers: many types of crab big and small, lobsters and cardinal fish. You should also encounter some large puffer…

    Chocolate Island Malapascua, Philippines

    Chocolate Island is a beautiful shallow dive site and a macro photographer’s delight. The healthy soft coral is home to a large variety of life: sea snakes, snake eels, moray eels, cuttlefish (including flamboyants), seamoths (Pegasus), large crabs and juvenile batfish. Macro includes nudibranchs,…

    Dona Marilyn Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    The Dona Marilyn was a Cebu-Manila passenger ferry that sank in a typhoon over 20 years ago. It was a huge disaster and many people lost their lives. The wreck is around 100m long, and now lying on its starboard side, amazingly still all in one piece. Long lost fishing nets encrusted in coral are…

    Gato Island - Houseguard reef Malapascua, Philippines

    Drop down to 24m to find the extremely rare pygmy seahorse, both pink and yellow as well as spider crabs and cowries. Then work your way back along a wall where you can find lionfish and many nudibranchs, including the beautiful spanish dancers, up to 30cm long. Painted frogfish are often in…

    Gato Island - The Wall Malapascua, Philippines

    Large boulders and a very nice small wall close to the island.

    Gato Island - West Malapascua, Philippines

    Pygmee seahorse, sea snakes, gorgonians and black corals... A very nice dive.

    Lapus Lapus Malapascua, Philippines

    Lapus Lapus Island has some of the most spectacular coral growth we have ever seen. There is a huge variety of soft and hard coral, in pristine condition. Other marine life includes giant frogfish, painted frogfish, smashing mantis shrimp, various sweetlips, cuttlefish and lionfish. There are many…

    Lighthouse Malapascua, Philippines

    There are few places in the world where you can see mandarinfish. And even better in Malapascua, Thresher Diver's famous "Randy Mandy" dive will give you mating mandarinfish in their full glory! In the late afternoon we dive Lighthouse, where the rare and psychedelic mandarin fish are virtually…

    Maria's point Malapascua, Philippines

    Great diving because of the strong currents here. Clear waters, good corals and an excellent variety of life. For advanced divers only.

    Pioneer Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    Torch is strongly recommended, as well as a serious deep dive experience! Because it is so deep, this Japanese World War II wreck is still in great condition. It was a gunboat in the war, and as you descend, you will see the guns pointing upwards towards you! It is about 60m long, in the upright…

    Taplion Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    The 'Taplion' Wreck, is an unidentified World War II Japanese cargo carrier, named for the nearby town on the mainland. The boat was hit by torpedoes and although it lies in several sections, it is still recognizable as a vessel. There is an abundance of life on this wreck and it is covered in…
    Arriving at Gato Island

    Gato Island Malapascua, Philippines

    Gato Island is one of our most famous dive sites. TSD's famous saying is that "You come to Malapascua to see the thresher sharks, but you leave remembering Gato". Gato is a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary. It has at least five dive sites with a huge diversity of marine life. We are constantly…

    Gato Island: White Tip Alley Malapascua, Philippines

    You are 95% guaranteed to find whitetip sharks sleeping under rocks, and if you are lucky you will see them circling. They grown to huge sizes - sometimes over 2 meters. Other life here includes banded boxer shrimp, nudis, seahorses and scorpion fish, spider crabs, frogfish, lionfish and whip coral…

    Gato Island: Nudibranch City Malapascua, Philippines

    As the name implies, we find nudibranchs galore at this site. Also around are lots of hermit crabs and scorpion fish.

    Gato Island: Cathedral Malapascua, Philippines

    Explore some of the more amazing rock formations around Gato, including the stunning Cathedral rock. This is a great place to see sharks - we have seen as many as 15 whitetips circling. It is also possible to see blue-spotted rays.

    North Point Malapascua, Philippines

    Beautiful soft coral and varied marine life including frogfish of different colors, fire urchin hikers specially zebra crabs, candy crabs, and nudibranchs. Great macro. An amazing hangover (see left) could easily keep you busy for the whole dive.

    North Wall Malapascua, Philippines

    This is a short wall at 24m, about 10m long by 6m high. Its nooks and crannies hide a wide variety of life including giant frogfish and nudibranchs. After investigating the wall, swim out from the wall into a sandy area which is home to a field of sea pens and many other critters, then let yourself…

    Bugtong Bato Malapascua, Philippines

    Bugtong Bato is an underwater pinnacle, very near Malapascua. There is a large school of batfish is residence as well as squid, mackerel, nudis, scorpionfish, lionfish, zebra crabs and whip coral shrimp.

    Quiliano Malapascua, Philippines

    A beautiful site with better than average visibility and fish life, soft corals, spearing mantis shrimp, pygmy sea horses and a lot of macro.

    Deep Rock Malapascua, Philippines

    Deep rock is 5 minutes from Malapascua. It starts at 5 meters and slopes down to 22m. It has frogfish, nudis, pygmy seahorse, robust ghost pipefish, juvenile batfish, harlequin sweetlips, spotted leather coral cowries and and bigger black cowries.

    Bantigi Malapascua, Philippines

    This is a great muck dive - some divers have told us that Bantigi is even better than Lembeh!. It starts as a shallow reef that turns into a sandy bottom at around 12m where you can find all kinds of unusual creatures. There are goby and shrimp living together in holes everywhere and the tiny rocks…

    Kimud Shoal Malapascua, Philippines

    Kimud Shoal is a sunken island. The top of the island lies at 12-16m, and the steep sides drop off to 200m+. Its main attraction is the school of up to 200 hammerheads, which can usually be seen regularly between December and May, and occasionally through the rest of the year.Hammerheads are more…

    Shore Diving Malapascua, Philippines

    Evolution's House Reef Malapascua, Philippines

    Our very own house reef is one of the best muck dives in the country. Just 3 minutes from our beach front is an incredible array of macro delights. Here we repeatedly see pairs of Crinoid Squat Lobsters and Imperial Shrimps. At dusk dozens of Bobtail Squid appear. Coconut Vein Octopi are regulars…

    Lighthouse Wreck Malapascua, Philippines

    The wreck at Lighthouse was a Japanese World War II landing craft. It was bombed just before landing with a large shipment of cement destined for a gun emplacement. The wreck is in very shallow water - 3m average - and is broken up with the hull in two pieces. The rocks that you will see are…