Dive in Bohol


    Alona Beach Sanctuary Balicasag, Philippines

    This dive sites lies 5 min. by boat from Alona beach. Shallow dive (max. 25m) on a wall with many vertical cuts. Anemones and multicolored corals teeming with life. Small fish, scorpionfishes, frogfishes and nudibranchs. Seasnakes can be found in sandy areas. Best place for a night dive

    Black forest Balicasag, Philippines

    Black forest is the main attraction of Balicasag island. it is a steep sandy slope that reaches to a depth of over 40 meters. Starting in deeper waters, you'll find forests of black corals, and can find large groupers, Napoleon Wrasse, barracuda, tuna, snappers, and batfish. Going up, the black…

    Arco Point Panglao, Philippines

    Located near the exclusive Bohol Beach Club, Arco Point is also known as the "Hole in the Wall" because there is a vertical funnel which you can enter at 9m and exit at 18m. Along the short wall, you can come across small groupers, trigger fish, wrasse, butterfly fish, sea snakes and moray eels. The…

    Biton Resort Housereef Bohol, Philippines


    Cathedral wall Bohol, Philippines

    Coconut Bohol, Philippines

    Don't miss the large schools of barracudas!

    Divers heaven Bohol, Philippines

    Just southwest of the town of Panglao on Panglao Island in Bohol(and northeast of Balicasag Island) is a sunken Eden of a dive site divers call “Heaven.” If we want everything the deep sea can reveal all in one spot, it’s got to be Heaven. Steep wall from 5 to 40m deep, with nice coral…

    Fish Sanctuary Bohol, Philippines

    This is a protected marine site, with large jack shoals.

    Garden Eels Bohol, Philippines

    This is a steep wall rated as an easy dive. At a depth of only 8 meters this Bohol diving spot shows off fascinating nudi branches, wrasse, Groupers. At 25 meters it hits rock bottom where various remarkable eels, like sand and garden eels, flourish from the slope to the sandy sea floor. It is ideal…

    Gorgonia wall Bohol, Philippines

    Great wall with big Gorgonians. Small caves and overhangings.

    Habagat Wreck Bohol, Philippines

    Habagat Wreck dive site at Danao Beach off Panglao Island in Bohol, being rated as an easy dive, is ideal for snorkeling. At only a depth of 8 to 12 meters this Bohol diving site reveals interesting cardinal, lion, and bat fish. Further down the steep slope, at 35 meters, a boat wreck appears, which…

    Looc Bohol, Philippines

    Nice wall and sandy plateau. Numerous varieties of hard and soft corals, invertebrates...

    Rock-Point Bohol, Philippines

    Rock point borders a protected underwater area.

    Santa Cruz Bohol, Philippines

    Nice sandy slope. Many small invertebrates to look for.

    PPB Peak Performance Buoyancy Bohol, Philippines

    PPB Peak Performance Buoyancy or RaypointA sandy slope with sea gras and many anemone fish, with shrimps livingin the anemone. Common sights are frog fish, sand eels and bluedotted stingrays.The dive site is mainly for macro life.Highlights include sea moth, star gazer, various types of ghostpipe…

    Balicasag island, Bohol… Bohol, Philippines

    Balicasag is an offshore island from panglao Bohol - protected marine sanctuary- access by banca boat from panglao island

    Bohol Beach Club Panglao, Philippines

    Shallow dive (max. 25 m) on a wall. Sandy area on the bottom. There is a small cave here with a school of cardinalfishes inside. There is a hole in the roof and the light inside is beautiful. You can find some very nice flatwormsand nudibranchs in the cave. Go there when there is no other group of…

    Cervera Shoal Panglao, Philippines

    Cervera Shoal, is also known as "Snake Island" or "Spagetti Shoal". The shoal gets its name from the large number of balck-and-white-banded sea snakes that can be seen here. Don't expect to see corals here, but it does makes a nice dive, with a good change to see a sea snakes and large pelagic fish.…

    Duljo Point Panglao, Philippines

    Duljo Point is the southwestern point of Panglao Island. Although normally calm, this site can be rough with strong currents. Normally, divers will make drift dive here along the edge of a sandy slope at about 10 meters to a drop off down to 40 meters. The wall is covered with sponges, colorful…

    Kalipayan Panglao, Philippines

    Kalipayan is the house reef of Alona beach, also known as the "Happy Wall". You can go there by banca, but it is just as easy to swim there from the beach. The conditions are normally calm, without currents, and a visibility of up to 25m. The wall starts at about 3m, and drops down to about 20m, and…

    Napaling Panglao, Philippines

    Napaling can boast a wonderful coral garden, that is ideal for underwater photographers and snorkelers. A dive here normally starts at about 5 to 7 meters, and then drops to about 20 to 30 meters, drifting along the wall. The overhangs are spectacular and you will come across some small caves with…

    Pungtud Wall Panglao, Philippines

    Pungtud wall is a beautiful coral garden, which starts at 2 meters, and slopes down to about 20 meters. You'll need a banca to bring you here, but it is great for snorkeling as well as for diving. Although currents can be strong, you will normally only go there when conditions are calm. There are…

    Puntod Wall Panglao, Philippines

    wonderful easy dive same like a aquarium

    Rico's Wall Balicasag, Philippines

    Rico's Wall has a wonderful coral garden on a shelf from 7 meters to 11 meters. At the edge of the coral garden is a wall that drops down to about 35 meters. In the coral garden you can find a bounty of nudibranches, sea stars, crinoids, hydroids, all types of smaller reef fish, anemones with…

    Rudy's Rock Balicasag, Philippines

    Rudy's rock is much the same as Rico's Wall. Both sites are actually connected. Here you also have a chance of coming across large green turtles, who frequent this location, and also run into a huge shoal of big eye trevally. They will circle around you for some time.

    Cambaquiz Cabilao, Philippines

    This is a very nice dive just in front of the village. Wall down to 30m with a small cave. The sandy part in between the reefs is easy to find a double-ended and an ornate pipefish.

    Fallen tree Cabilao, Philippines

    Nice wall with gorgonian sea fans and black corals. Sometime you can see turtles here... If your lucky you will see the school of Big eye jacks and Barracuda in one dive. If the current picke up, you wil see Tunas, Mackerel and lots of snappers.

    Lighthouse Cabilao, Philippines

    Wall down to 25m, then a plateau at 30m, followed by another wall. Strong currents possible. In winter (Dec. to April) hammerheads and white-tipped reefsharks are possible. In summer they are sometimes seen in deeper areas. Barracuda and jackfish schools. The diveguides find all kinds of strange…

    Shark view point Cabilao, Philippines

    The plateau is 30m deep. In this area, there is always a little bit current. This IS the place to see hammerheads and white-tipped reefsharks (in winter). You may also find Pygmy and Thorny seahorses.

    South point Cabilao, Philippines

    Great coral garden with giant table corals (between 5 and 15m). Large fish shoals. Lots of caves and overhangings with sometime White Tip Sharks.

    Talisay tree Cabilao, Philippines

    See fallen tree. It's the same kind of dive.

    Mangrove dive Cabilao, Philippines

    We wanted to look at the animals that live in the water under mangrove trees, so we asked a divecenter and they organized a trip to a place close to Sandigan. We did some diving and snorkeling in the mangroves and found many interesting animals, special nudibranchs, a brown sea snake, dragonets and…

    Three Coconuts Cabilao, Philippines

    On the western side of Cabilao Island is Three Coconuts. Major attractions to be found in this dive spot are large table corals. Like the Lighthouse, the depth for Three Coconuts is at five to 50 meters. Even though the corals take center stage in this dive site, other marine life also abound here…

    Chameleon Anda, Philippines

    Much suitable for beginners. The name is derived from the frequently changing look. Sometimes wall, sometimes slope. Many nice impressions. Many young fish and plenty naked snails

    Paradise Garden Anda, Philippines

    the best snorkeling spot of all. fantastically populated wall from 3 to 30 m. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. Here you can follow the typical V profile, or perform a more than 2 hours shallow (about 8 m) dive. Unique coral landscape. Chances of big fish. Wide lens area for…

    Snappers Cave Anda, Philippines

    very attractive steep wall from 4m to 30m and a wide cave in 27m. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. Good for preparation to dive site Neptune House. The dive connects to dive site Paradise Garden. The experienced diver can enter the cave. Light obligatory.Attention: There is…

    Lumayak Anda, Philippines

    Very attractive steep wall from 4m to 30m and a snow area in 30m (Black corals forest). It slopes down to +40m. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. Dive ends at dive site Paradise Garden, passing dive site Snappers Cave. Here the main current hits the underwater landscape,…

    Coco White Anda, Philippines

    Simple dive site with nicely populated steep wall. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. Giant shells, Sergeant Majors, Naked snails, Spanish dancing snails, barracuda etc.

    Wonder Wall Anda, Philippines

    Simple dive site, nice steep wall and grottos. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. A small wreck and fresh water source in 27m.

    The Caverns Anda, Philippines

    Start like dive site Wonder Wall, but southerly direction. Simple dive site, nice steep wall and many grottos. Suitable for beginners when observing the depths limits. Many different fish, chance to meet "Bruno", a giant octopus.

    Panorama Anda, Philippines

    Steep wall 3m to more than 30m. Limited suitable for beginners. Nicely populated steep wall with a panoramic view into the open water. Open for divers only since 2001 and specially protected by Marine Park regulations.

    Pogaling Anda, Philippines

    Simple shallow (max. 14m) dive. Large area of stone coral forest with small channels to pass. Open for divers only since 2001 and specially protected.

    Virgen East House Reef Anda, Philippines

    Our house reef. Also here the steep wall is densely populated by Corals. Limited suitable for beginners because of depths and currents. Rich fish life. Chances of turtles

    Dap Dap Anda, Philippines

    Relatively shallow dive, suitable as second dive of the day. Best suitable for beginners or as introduction on the first day of your vacation. Nicely populated steep wall. Occasionally barracudas, but more the tiny things. Many tiny naked snailes and sea spiders, chances of schools of hump head…

    Neptune House Anda, Philippines

    This diving spot is a Cave. The entry into the cave starts at 31m, time to spend in the cave 8-10 min. Sometimes you can find the sleeping Neptune, but for sure several Lobsters, fishes looking for protection, and other night active animals. There's a Chimney to the outside of the cave: getting up…

    Bacong Anda, Philippines

    Here the steep wall is densely populated by corals. In limits suitable for beginners, because of the depths and currents. on the other side this spot is full of life. Chances of turtles.

    Titanic Rocks Anda, Philippines

    Between the titanic rocks there is a lot of life to discover, also an interesting cave in only 14m depth. Very interesting snorkel place!!!

    Pamilacan Island Pamilacan, Philippines

    by boat from Alona beach. Pamilacan island is often combined with Snake island. A very overfished site, that has no fishlife over 20 cm. Many divecenters dont go there anymore because of the lack of fish. Not a very interesting dive anymore.

    Snake Island Pamilacan, Philippines

    This is a sunken plateau about 18m deep, lying in the south of Pamilacan, covered with corals. This dive site lies in the middle of the ocean and usually there is a very strong current. Plan your dive, jump in on the side the current comes from and then sweep over the plateau with it. We saw 8…