Dive in Balicasag


    Alona Beach Sanctuary Balicasag, Philippines

    This dive sites lies 5 min. by boat from Alona beach. Shallow dive (max. 25m) on a wall with many vertical cuts. Anemones and multicolored corals teeming with life. Small fish, scorpionfishes, frogfishes and nudibranchs. Seasnakes can be found in sandy areas. Best place for a night dive

    Black forest Balicasag, Philippines

    Black forest is the main attraction of Balicasag island. it is a steep sandy slope that reaches to a depth of over 40 meters. Starting in deeper waters, you'll find forests of black corals, and can find large groupers, Napoleon Wrasse, barracuda, tuna, snappers, and batfish. Going up, the black…

    Rico's Wall Balicasag, Philippines

    Rico's Wall has a wonderful coral garden on a shelf from 7 meters to 11 meters. At the edge of the coral garden is a wall that drops down to about 35 meters. In the coral garden you can find a bounty of nudibranches, sea stars, crinoids, hydroids, all types of smaller reef fish, anemones with…

    Rudy's Rock Balicasag, Philippines

    Rudy's rock is much the same as Rico's Wall. Both sites are actually connected. Here you also have a chance of coming across large green turtles, who frequent this location, and also run into a huge shoal of big eye trevally. They will circle around you for some time.