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12 boat dives

12 boat dives without equipment, between the dives we offer fresh fruits,coffee, water and tea for free nitrox for free until 2014 start 2015: 80 peso per dive

30 dive package

30 boat dives without equipment, between the dives we offer fresh fruits,coffee, water and tea for free nitrox for free until 2014 start 2015: 80 peso per dive

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6 dive package

6 boat dives without equipment between the dives fresh fruits, coffee, water and tea for free nitrox for free until end of 2014 start 2015 nitrox 80 peso per dive


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Diving in Bohol

Bohol is the tenth largest Island in the whole Philippine archipelago and lies at the very heart of Visayas. Along its coastline are several Islets such as Panglao, Cabilao, Balicasag, Mahanay, and Lapinin which all offer excellent marine life. There are a number of Bohol Diving spots that offer excellent diving.

The Danajon Bank or Double Barrier Reef, located off northern Bohol Island, is the only double barrier reef in the Philippines and is 1 of only 3 such sites in the Indo-Pacific. The reef is spread across almost 130 kms and consists of 3 large reefs. And by far the best diving site in Bohol, Balicasag Island features 400 meter Marine Sanctuary of healthy corals with plenty of pelagic visitors characterized by vertical cascading coral walls over deep waters with strong currents.

Mandarin fish - Blue Planet

Travel to Bohol

Bohol is a beautiful island paradise located in the Visayas island group in central Philippines. It is famous for its white sand beaches, the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier, the smallest primate in the world.

It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and corral reefs. If you love nature then Bohol is the destination for you. There are also more than 1400 caves to explore. The most famous of these is Hinagdanan Cave's on Panglao island. The cave leads to an underground pool with plenty of stalactites' & stalagmites. There is even a sanctuary for the Tarsiers called the Tarsier Trail. Here visitors are allowed to hold and touch the tiny little primates.

The towns in Bohol have many old churches dating back to the Spanish error to see. You can even do some dolphin & whale watching at Pamilacan Island. Bohol is definitely worth a visit by itself or if you are in Cebu it's only about a two hour boat ride away to see the sites and return in the evening.

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