Balicasag island, Bohol philippines

Bohol, Philippines

Ambiance Big Fishes Deep Reef Drift Wall

Diving in Balicasag island, Bohol philippines is Amazing
You can find Wall dives, macro, big fishes, possible whale sharks, school of jacks and many more Typically, visibility is Excellent
The average depth is 5 meters although the maximum depth you can reach is 60 meters
To reach Balicasag island, Bohol philippines you have to do it Plane
This dive site is best suited for Varied divers.

Balicasag is an offshore island from panglao Bohol - protected marine sanctuary- access by banca boat from panglao island

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Reviews (1)

Albert October 3rd, 2013 - 19:34:
Nice diving here. Relatively healthy coral with lots of small colorful fish and turtles. Look out in the Blue for very big school of groupers. Too bad reef sharks seems have been wiped out of the area. It gets crowded in peak seasons.

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