Dive in Salalah

    Diving in Salalah

    Eagle Bay Salalah, Oman

    Beautiful, sheltered beach, large sandy patch in the center with a long sloping coral bank on the south side of the bay and numerous rock and coral outcrops on the north side, 5-15m, this is an excellent site for Turtles, Eagle rays, large Batfish and Boxfish.
    Octopus in english beach

    English Beach Salalah, Oman

    a large, beautiful, unspoilt bay, the best dive is on the west side, with an easy sandy entrance, with a maximum depth of 18m. The bay is generally very sheltered, with a rocky wall along the west side and rock and coral outcrops which can be found by zig-zagging across the sand away from the wall.…
    Cuttlefish in the aquarium

    The Aquarium Salalah, Oman

    A small, very sheltered bay with a fairly narrow entrance protected by a rocky outcrop. The dive site is between 5 and 15m, beds of soft orange leather coral together with many coral banks, large shoals of squirrelfish, soldierfish, snapper, fusiliers, goatfish and sweepers. Cuttlefish, Reef Squid,…

    Turtle Alley Salalah, Oman

    Large beds of kelp make this site difficult to access early in the season, but once the kelp dies it is an excellent site for the novice divers, with long alleyways, sandy patches, outcrops and large beds of corals. Best at high tide.

    Rocky beach Salalah, Oman

    A large bay with many different routes to dive. Like Turtle Alley, it can be difficult to access early in the season due to the kelp, but also has many alleys, rock and coral outcrops and sandy patches. Many different varieties of Moray Eel are seen at this site, from the small Grey Moray,…
    The china wreck

    China wreck Salalah, Oman

    A stunning dive site, approximately 100m off the beach in depths of between 4 and 10m.The wreck is a 19th century Portuguese ship, possibly one of the first steel steam boats due to the fact that the anchors are of the type that had been used on wooden boats. The wreck is in pieces although many…
    The propeller

    Cement Ship Salalah, Oman

    800m off the first headland is another wreck, an old cement ship which had foundered in the Port. It was subsequently taken out to open water and sunk in 30+m and is an excellent dive for the Advanced Diver, with the possibility of full penetration in three different parts of the wreck. Large shoals…

    Marriot Wreck Salalah, Oman

    An unidentified wreck that was found along the Mirbat coastline. No-one knows of its origins or how it came to become a wreck but what we do know is that the former steam-powered ship is a fantastic dive site. The wreck itself is nicely scattered over an 80m stretch in a North-South direction,…