China wreck

Salalah, Oman

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Dive China wreck


A stunning dive site, approximately 100m off the beach in depths of between 4 and 10m. The wreck is a 19th century Portuguese ship, possibly one of the first steel steam boats due to the fact that the anchors are of the type that had been used on wooden boats. The wreck is in pieces although many features still stand out, in particular the anchors, the boilers in the center section, the propeller shaft and parts of the hull itself. It is not possible to penetrate, but there are a few small rooms that huge Honeycomb Morays and Parrot fish hide in and the boilers make for nice, easy swim throughs. Very large Porcupinefish are regularly encountered hanging around the anchors, reef squid and cuttlefish can be seen on the swim to and from the wreck, and octopus are regularly found. With so much to see in such a shallow dive, many divers are able to stay underwater for 60 minutes plus and this can also be a fantastic night dive.

  • The china wreck

    The china wreck

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