Cement Ship

Salalah, Oman

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800m off the first headland is another wreck, an old cement ship which had foundered in the Port. It was subsequently taken out to open water and sunk in 30+m and is an excellent dive for the Advanced Diver, with the possibility of full penetration in three different parts of the wreck. Large shoals of Trevally, Barracuda and Jacks congregate here, with many Batfish following divers around the wreck. This year we have seen 2 huge Groupers, approximately 200 kgs, and there is also a large Bull Ray who seems to have made the wreck his home. On one occasion we found one of the groupers and the bull ray swimming along together. Although the whole dive is over 30m it is possible see the complete wreck in the course of one dive. Strong currents can be encountered on this dive.

  • The propeller

    The propeller
  • Cement wreck

    Cement wreck
  • Potato grouper living in the wreck

    Potato grouper living in the wreck

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